Traffex 2017 Innovation Trail

Traffex 2017 marked 20 years since MetroCount was first involved in the exhibition. To make this edition even more special for us, our new RidePod® BP counter was included in the event’s Innovation Trail. A world first, this Bike +

MetroCount UK: Meet the new team

In the past few years, MetroCount UK has expanded with new technical specialists catering to the UK and EU markets. Clément Dabadie With a strong background in both technology and sales, Clément joined MetroCount just after Traffex in 2015, catering to

Bike and Pedestrian Counter

NEW RidePod® BP: Bike + People Counting

Accurately monitoring active modes of transportation is a difficult problem to master. On shared paths, separating pedestrians and bikes from a stream of similar objects (e.g. prams, skateboards) is a unique challenge. Both people and cyclists often travel in groups, making

Road Safety and Design: Safe Active Streets

Last week, the Department of Transport held the Safe Active Streets National Workshop at the Perth City Hall. This two-day seminar draws from Perth’s experience with building Bike Boulevards (on-road cycleways where speed limits have been reduced and cyclists are given

Remote Data Services in Southern Philippines

Our previous visit in the Philippines has given local authorities the support and know-how to deploy RoadPod® VT systems across the country. The latest installation took place in the municipality of Albuera, Leyte province. In the past few years, this

Class Wars – The Ford Ranger Case Study

We recently assisted a client who was trying to classify their fleet of 2017 Ford Ranger vehicles. This utility is on the larger side, with a kerb weight of 2151kg. Based on the type of vehicle, it was assumed that it would fit

Bike Futures 2017: One day in Melbourne

Last week, we attended the one-day Bike Futures conference in Melbourne at the beautiful St Kilda Town Hall. The event brought together government representatives, cycling advocates and local advocacy organisations. With a rich program, in under 8 short hours, the

Permanent Traffic Monitoring: The Added Value

For over 25 years, the RoadPod® VT tube counter (and its predecessor, the MC5600) has been the standard for monitoring traffic around the world. Robust and reliable, these counters are ideal for a wide range of short-term applications. From regular network surveys through to

MetroCount featured in RideOn

MetroCount bike counters were discussed in a recent article by Simon Vincett in Ride On magazine. Highlighting some of the data sources used to plan and design new infrastructure for cyclists, the article featured an interview with MetroCount Technical Sales

Pro-Tip | Using Multiple Classification Schemes

With class schemes, it’s never quite a ‘one size fits all’ situation. A classification scheme with a high degree of heavy vehicle separation might prove less useful for summarizing traffic. Similarly, standardized schemes mandated for pavement management may lack detail on

Traffic Counters Mexico

The inaugural Intertraffic Mexico 2016

The first edition of Intertraffic Mexico has just wrapped up, with the Mexican capital putting on a spectacle. Mexico City is at a cross road with public pressure and policies. While the community demands better transport options, the government  lags on the implementation. The

Pro-Tip | Masking Data in MTE

In this Pro-Tip we cover the process of masking out traffic data based on time of the week. Using the ‘Local Profile’ filtering feature in MTE, the process of masking (time filtering) data can be applied to any report, from speed analysis