Product & Service Reviews

  • Grontmij (part of Sweco) has tested the Advanced Bicycle Counter for the city of Rotterdam and, once again, has confirmed our counter's unmatched accuracy.Please enquire for a copy of the results.

    In 2011, an evaluation report for VicRoads done by Dr Cameron Munro has evaluated the performance of the Advanced Bicycle Counteragainst video in an adjacent lane to Albert Street in Melbourne. The results recommend the report an overall accuracy of 99%.

  • The Tasmanian Department of Transport has tested our Vehicle Tube Classifier's accuracy against the precision of video records. The results: the MetroCount equipment showed 100.0% accuracy across 12 Classes of Australian AUSTROADS Class Scheme.

    The North Dakota State University conducted research on the Accuracy of Traffic Detection Devices. Their study showed that MetroCount is the most accurate logger, and determined their agency to purchase our system.

    In 2001, the University of Central Florida has investigated heavy truck freight movement. To measure the impact, they have used a variety of traffic counters. According to their findings the MetroCount unit "was more dependable than other counters".

  • We set up a bypass tubing count yesterday and today I will be processing the data. So far everything looks great. Thank you for all your help myself and the County and very pleased with the decision to change companies for traffic counting.

    K.G., Technical Assistant Roads and Bridges Department, County of Lennox and Addington, Canada

  • They are as reliable as gravity.
    We were using Brand X that look like credit cards that you stick in an aluminum pancake and they were working about 75% of the time, meaning they had to be put out again, and again. The MetroCount box brought back the data 100% of the time. The only glitch would be when a tube was snagged or ripped. But even then the counter would show when it was ripped up, with no data loss.
    Another huge benefit over those credit card counters, which have to be nailed down in the middle of a live traffic lane, is that the MetroCount brick, which is kept safely out of the road, allows for diagnosis during installation. This gives a check that the road tubes are in good working order, as well as a first preview of the data.

    S.Z., Traffic Engineering, Suburban City of Chicago
  • The MetroCount tube counters are very light but also very complete and robust. We have been using them in the City of Madrid during the past two years in all weather conditions (up to 50º Celsius in summer time and less than -5º in winter time).

    Pablo Sáinz, Director de Proyectos, Tecnologias Viales Aplicadas, Madrid, Spain
  • As I have said before, MetroCount is the only way to go. Our city uses them also and they have also echoed how great they are. We have used other counters and did not like them. We will always be MetroCount users!
    K.S., Directorate of Emergency Services, Columbus, Georgia, USA
  • We recently had a significant fire and one of our traffic counters became involved. I was impressed that the unit was still operating and once I chipped off the charred remains of the plug I was able to recover the recorded data from the unit!
    S.M., Park Engineer, Western Australia
  • We use the MetroCount tube counters and haven’t found a thing wrong with them. I’ve used P—, J—, & T— counters and I think the Metros are the best. I would stay away from the J— units as they tend to have maintenance issues, and the only thing we do to the Metros is replace the battery pack once a year because we use them so much.
    J.J., Chief Analyst, HSA Consulting Group Inc., Tallahassee, Florida, USA
  • MetroCount are the only vehicle classifiers that I use for my business. The counters have worked in temperature -30c accurately to +40c. I set up my machines using my MCSetLite which is fast and easy. Less time on the side of the road makes it much safer for all of us. One of the features is the real time axle counts, which allows the operator to make sure the setup is running correctly and accurately before leaving the site.

    L.M., President, MTDC, Alberta, Canada
  • For the past 3 weeks, we have been flooded. I’ve just been out and retrieved the counters, and yes two had a swim, and yes they both downloaded ok. One was under about 3 to 4 meters of water for three days and as the water came out, it just started counting again.

    D.E., N.B. Regional Council, Queensland, Australia
  • The MetroCount tube classifier is the easiest to use counter I have come across so far. I have upgraded my old (different brand) traffic counters with MetroCount units. The distinct advantage it has over the other brands can be summarised as follows:

    • Accurate
    • Easy to use
    • Each vehicle is identified with time stamp, thus any type of report can be produced with the data
    • Our crews don’t have to worry about the type of report before setting up the counter
    • Long battery life
    • Reduced cost of purchasing of dry cells or eliminated the time spent in charging led/acid batteries
    • Easy to setup on site and download traffic data on PDA
    • Reduced cost
    • Compared to the previous set of counters (different brand) significant time is saved in setup and checking of the counter and probably halved the time it takes to install, check then download and remove the counter
    • Prompt and friendly customer service provided by extremely helpful support staff
    • Very good array of standard reports are available with the ability to create any number of custom reports. Creating custom reports is quite easy. When I didn’t understand how to create certain reports the friendly support staff guided me through it.
      Thank you so much.
    S.K., Senior Roads Engineer, City of L., New South Wales, Australia
  • Your service is 100% perfect as it is...
    D.C., Survey Manager at Footmark Surveys, UK
  • I am sending this email to state my appreciation on you and your company for providing such a kind and friendly service.
    Mr S.S. contacted me today via phone and I was able to get clarified most of the problems that we encountered during our research. And we are hoping to work with you in the future also.
    Again, thank you very much for the support given!

    S.D., Department of Civil Engineering, University of P., Central Province, Sri Lanka
  • Thanks, you truly make a difference and I am so overwhelmed by your Customer service. MetroCount truly sets the standard.
    J.R., Engineering Dept., City of G., Colorado, USA
  • The traffic count technology provided by MetroCount is being used by the Monash University Accident Research Centre to evaluate the safety benefits of various infrastructure-based road safety countermeasures. One of the advantages of using the technology provided by MetroCount is that the traffic count data can be used to adjust for changes in exposure before and after a treatment has been completed, which enables a more accurate measure of effectiveness. The support that MetroCount have provided in interpreting and analysing the data collected has been beyond our expectations.
    J.S., Accident Research Centre, Monash University, Victoria, Australia
  • In the course of my duties as Survey Data Manager, I frequently have the need to contact MetroCount on various matters, such as confirming that I am producing reports in the correct way for what I am seeking to demonstrate to my clients. All of the staff that I talk to are very knowledgeable about their products, and will always take time and care to ensure that I am completely happy with their response to my “many” questions.
    They make my business life so much easier on a professional level, and on a personal level, it is always a pleasure to talk to any of the MetroCount staff. I would certainly recommend MetroCount to anyone who would use their products and services, and I must say that MetroCount is exemplary in showing what good customer care and relations should be like.

    R.M., Survey Data Manager, T.S.F. Limited, United Kingdom
  • I just wanted to write to say THANKS for the assistance that you guys provided in getting the traffic classifiers to D. so efficiently and promptly. We greatly appreciate the help during the entire process and in getting things going so quickly.
    M.S., Technician, F.H. Engineering, New Zealand
  • A quick email to pass on my sincere thanks for all the support that yourselves at MetroCount have provided us. It has gone way beyond any normal after-sales care and it is most greatly appreciated. So many thanks and we look forward to continuing doing business with you in the future.
    O.S., Traffic Technician, C. County Council, Wales, UK
  • I offer my best wishes to Mark, Vern, and the rest of the team for the future. I have enjoyed the support your team has given me over the past 15 years or so. You have great products and, more importantly, you continue to develop new and better ones.
    D.W., Team Leader Transport Network Analysis, S.C. Regional Council, Queensland, Australia
  • MetroCount's customer service after the purchase was exceptional, the best I've seen. They bent over backwards to assist and if you left a message it was always returned very promptly, no waiting for days.
    P.P., Development Project Coordinator, County of P.E., Ontario, Canada