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MC5600 Vehicle Classifier System

The MC5600 Vehicle Classifier System precisely stores every axle, and with the included Traffic Executive™ software, provides the class, speed, gap and more of every vehicle.

Includes Stainless Steel Road Case.


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MC5600 Vehicle Classifier System

The MC5600 Vehicle Classifier System precisely stores every axle, and with the included Traffic Executive™ software, provides the class, speed, gap and more of every vehicle.

The MetroCount MC5600 Vehicle Classifier System combines state-of-the-art traffic logging hardware with powerful, yet easy-to-use software. MetroCount provides you with a total solution to all your traffic monitoring issues, from routine statistics through to the most complex traffic management problems.

The MetroCount MC 5600 Vehicle Classifier System includes:

 Road Tubes

Unparralleled Support

The MetroCount support team is famous for their intimate product knowledge ensuring you get human assistance when it's most needed without waiting in the queue. In addition to the personalised service we also have a range of online support services including our installation videos.

MetroCount – a Revolutionary New Approach to Traffic Surveys

Over 20 years ago we decided to completely overhaul the traffic data gathering process. We set out to improve every aspect, from axle sensors and logging hardware, through to traffic analysis software. This effort resulted in a very simple, yet extremely effective new approach: store every axle and process them all later. We have continually refined this approach to bring you our latest, 6th generation, MC5600 Vehicle Classifier System.

MetroCount Road Case for MC5600

Above: The protective Road Case is an indestructable way of securing the counters roadside.

MC5600 Hardware and Software

Comprising the MC5600 Series Roadside Unit (the hardware) and our latest, world-leading Traffic Executive package (the software), MetroCount will revolutionise the way you think about traffic data.

Traffic Executive™ Windows Software

Our philosophy is to provide you with high quality software at no extra charge. That’s why we include Traffic Executive with MetroCount, instead of being an expensive, after-sale option.

Every Individual Vehicle is Retained in the Data

The key to MetroCount’s unbeatable flexibility is the way traffic data is collected. The MetroCount Roadside Unit precisely logs EVERY axle, no matter whether you’re classifying vehicles or doing simple counts. You start a survey by simply entering site details, nothing more! Unlike traditional classifiers and counters, MetroCount does not process traffic data at the roadside. The actual traffic analysis is done later, on your computer, with Traffic Executive. You decide after the survey how to interpret your data, by selecting the report or data type you need. You can easily generate varied reports and graphs with speed statistics, volumes, classes, gap, and more. Traffic Executive makes these tasks easy and meaningful for you. The MetroCount approach frees you from instructing field staff on your required traffic parameters, and lets you make intelligent choices in the review and audit of your data. With memory options up to 2MB and efficiently storing up to 1,000,000 axles, MetroCount makes other systems that “bin” or summarise vehicle speeds obsolete.


What our clients have to say:

S.K., Senior Roads Engineer, City of L., New South Wales, Australia

MetroCount 5600 is the most easy to use roadside traffic counter I have come across so far. I have upgraded my old (different brand) traffic counters with MetroCount 5600 units. The distinct advantage it has over the other brands can be summarized as follows:

AccurateEasy to use, Each vehicle is identified with time stamp, thus any type of report can be produced with the data. Our crews don't have to worry about the type of report before setting up the counter. Long battery life, reduced cost of purchasing of dry cells or eliminated the time spent in charging led/acid batteries. Easy to setup on site and download traffic data on PDA. Reduced cost. Compared to the previous set of counters (different brand) significant time is saved in setup and checking of the counter and probably halved the time it takes to install, check then download and remove the counter.

Prompt and friendly customer service provided by extremely helpful support staff. Very good array of standard reports are available with the ability to create any number of custom reports. Creating custom reports is quite easy. When I didn't understand how to create certain reports the friendly support staff guided me through it.
Thank you so much.

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