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MetroCount Traffic Executive™ V5

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MetroCount Traffic Executive™ analysis software - v5

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The data gathered by any MetroCount monitoring system is fed into the MetroCount Traffic Executive™ software. The flexibility of MTE™ assures maximum efficiency in managing and analysing traffic data assets.


MTE V5 is fully backward compatible and can be used with all MetroCount .ecn files and counters.

However, only MTE V5 can be to set-up RoadPod® VT and RidePod™ BT counters. This software version is required during set-up and data analysis. 


Version 4 has already introduced some major changes and new features. This product description will refer to Version 4+

Screenshot of MetroCount Traffic Executive, showing various operaions and statistics windows

The MetroCountway of surveying traffic 

All MetroCount traffic survey systems are a co-dependent, intelligent combination of robust hardware and world-leading software. In other words, the MTE™ software plays a crucial role during the initial set-up of the counter/classifier, and later on, when verifying the system's performance and analysing the collected data.


Optimised for use on a notebook or tablet in the field during installation, MTE™ has an intuitive touch-screen interface, compatible with any Windows operating system. 

MetroCount’s “store every axle” approach means that you don’t need to set time increments, vehicle classes or program awkward speed bins before you survey.

Depending on your data access and archival needs, MTE™ automatically creates and manages complex folder structures using any combination of details retained in the header of every data set (Site Number, Survey Attribute, Year, Month and Week).

Site database with optional GPS

With MTExec's site database and map interface you can efficiently tackle large surveys. Select sites from your previously compiled database, or create new sites at the roadside using a GPS receiver and our optional GPS interface. Select sites by simply pointing and clicking on the display map.

Managing data with MTExec

The MTE™ dataset management utility scans your computer's local and network disc drives for MetroCount datasets. Your computer's folder tree structure is displayed on the left on the screen, allowing a straightforward selection of datasets. Multiple windows may be opened for copying or moving datasets. Multiple datasets may be selected and loaded for analysis.

The MTE™ software also allows access to dataset properties, including survey and roadside unit details. Interactive graphs of sensor hits and the “Hit Spectrum” screen provide instant feedback about your data quality. By copying selected datasets in “rich text format”, you can easily create a formatted list of your traffic data.

Screenshot of MetroCount Traffic Executive, showing various operaions and statistics windows

Data Analysis and Reporting

MTE™ uses MetroCount’s “store every axle” approach to full effect, giving you further tremendous advantages:

  • You are not locked-in to a particular operating mode (e.g. class/speed bins or preset time increments)
  • You do not have to decide before the survey what type of traffic data you need
  • You can apply any classification scheme to the same data. New schemes can be readily incorporated into the software, without reprogramming the roadside unit or making existing data obsolete.

The reporting functionality of the MTE™ software is the heart of any MetroCount monitoring system, offering a vast range of data. From the routine volume, speed and class statistics to more sophisticated information such as congestion, traffic density, entering capacity, platooning, traffic calming, and more.

Screenshot of MetroCount Traffic Executive, showing various operaions and statistics windows

Through its advanced algorithms, MTE™ unleashes the power of modern processors, offering unparalleled vehicle discrimination and accurate classification, even under the most adverse conditions (e.g. car parks). 

Most importantly, the data you collect today can be processed again and again with MTE™. Likewise, the software can read old datasets and apply new analyses (e.g. apply the Austroads Classification Scheme of 1994 to data collected in 1990). This key feature enables the MetroCount system to conserve the value of your data and possibly increase its worth over time. 

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Counting axles with MCReport™

Screenshot of MetroCount Traffic Executive, showing a graph of axle counts

MetroCount expands your traffic survey capabilities with the MTE™ axle counting mode. Although you might require only volume counts, the MetroCount system will still time-stamp and store every sensor hit, enabling enormous flexibility. Your reports and graphs can use any time increment, plus many other features that cannot exist in traditional “binned” volume counters.

With access to the precise time of arrival for every axle (with pneumatic tubes or piezoelectric sensors), MTE™ lets you analyse traffic volume in a surprising variety of ways. You can count axles, axle pairs or axles divided by a user-defined factor. You can even count gaps for signal warrants and for entering capacity analysis (with all sensor types, including inductive loops).

Report “Profiles”

Every report you produce with MTE™ has an associated Profile. Refine your reports by changing Profiles, then save them as templates for other reports. Vary any combination of vehicle scheme or class, speed, time, traffic flow direction, headway, and other parameters. Profiles remain active until changed or until closing the report.

Detailed information about the report profile

Scripting for batch analysis

With the new MTE™ functionality of scripting language, you can fully automate your data processing tasks. This functionality is optional and only included with the Plus user lever.

Internationalised Reports

The latest versions of MTE™ (from v4 onwards) fully support the export of reports in any of these languages:

Spanish flag ES   Mexican flag ESM   French flag FR   Dutch flag NL  Portuguese flagPT   Swedish flag SV   Turkish flag TR

For more details please visit the MetroCount tech pages.



  • Licences are per user, so you're welcome to use the one licence on all computers and operating systems where you are the primary user, at home or work. For businesses, the number of users must equal the number of licences.

More licensing information is available from our full end user Licence Agreement.


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MetroCount Traffic Executive™ V5

MetroCount Traffic Executive™ V5

MetroCount Traffic Executive™ analysis software - v5

Free with any roadside unit purchase