5 Signs you Require a Permanent Counter

1. Your tube counter is used at one location only.

Tube counters are designed for easy rotation between locations. Their purpose it to build knowledge about local traffic, identify critical areas and test assumptions. If your tube counter is used at one location only, you are neglecting potential risk areas.

2. You have to change the tubes way too often.

If pneumatic tubes are wearing out regularly at a particular location, it’s due to the high traffic volume and/or large proportion of heavy vehicles. Using long-lasting sensors, permanent systems guarantee uninterrupted studies.

3. You regularly travel to check the site and to download data.

Visiting sites for maintenance and data download is inefficient and costly. Those funds are better invested in a permanent counter, managed by MetroCount. Via our FieldPod® Remote Data Services, you simply receive your data on a planned schedule.

4. You want to capture the changes in traffic.

Long-term data provides a valid benchmark for seasonal variations, traffic patterns and infrastructure performance.

5. You want to monitor shared paths.

Understanding traffic on shared paths is crucial for active transport development. The RidePod® BP system uses embedded sensors to simultaneously collect cyclist and pedestrian data.

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