Accurate Traffic Surveys with Advanced and Reliable Solutions

As a leading provider of traffic data solutions, MetroCount offers a wide range of traffic counters and data visualisation. From our portable traffic counters with durable rubber tubes to our active transport counters, we have a product for every situation.

We can help whether you need:

– to buy or rent 
– a temporary, permanent, or semi-permanent site
– collecting data for most relevant data schemes
– active transport surveys
– tubes, piezo strips, or magnetometers devices
– surveys for freeways, local roads, gravel roads, bike lanes and more.
– customised graphical reports from collected data

Our advanced technology and reliable products ensure accurate data is collected to help you make informed decisions about your traffic management strategy, to apply for funding, and for the development of new infrastructure projects while keeping our community moving and safe.

MetroCount Vehicle Traffic Counters

RoadPod® VT

Portable counter to monitor 1-2 traffic lanes 24/7

RoadPod®VT Case study: 96.5% accurate on Indian roads

RoadPod® VT4

Portable counter to monitor multiple traffic lanes 24/7

RoadPod®VT4 Case Study by Matrix Traffic and Transport Data

RoadPod® VP

Permanently embedded counter for year-round data

RoadPod VP Case Study: Permanent Monitoring in Timaru, New Zealand

MetroCount Active Transport Counters

RidePod® BT

Portable bicycle & scooter counter using optimised pneumatic tubes

5 tips for surveying traffic on dirt roads & cycleways

RidePod® BP

Permanently embedded, all-in-one bike, scooter & pedestrian counter

Click here if you need support to decide between RidePod® BT vs RoadPod® VT for surveying cycleways.

Latest MetroCount Traffic Counter Solution

Real-time data RoadPod® VM

Semi-permanent solution with a simple 5-minutes installation process.

RoadPod®VM installed on the centre of the road

• RoadPod®VM “non-intrusive” sensors require no cutting of the pavement/road-surface
• Each RoadPod®VM “non-intrusive” sensor can be fitted in quick time – no road management required for installation
• The RoadPod Real-Time Gateway (RTG) with Battery and Silicon Solar Panel can be installed on existing street pole
• RoadPod® VM sensors are wireless – no cables or wires
• All software is included, with real-time data sent to the server, together with the ATLYST® mapping and traffic analysis software
• A minimum of 4 vehicle classes is available with the RoadPod® VM system
• All vehicle data parameters are recorded for each separate vehicle, and are binned into time and speed groups
• Vehicle Data produced is visible in real-time
• Data is transferred online to the WA-PSD and 3G/4G networks as GSM is being globally discontinued
• RoadPod® VM sensor status and any faulty sensors can alert the user by data sent.

Road safety project with RoadPod® VM from the Sunshine Coast Council.

MetroCount Traffic Management Software

ATLYST | Revolutionise your traffic management with our advanced web-based software.

Site comparison

Using editable colour schemes and three data layers – Speed, Classification and Volume, ATLYST enables you to quickly compare all sites and identify points of interest, such as rat runs, intense heavy vehicle traffic, gaps in survey network.

Maintain survey consistency

Build a coherent traffic database by creating MTE Site Lists from scratch or reusing previous survey details. Share your Site Lists with contractors to ensure your data stays well organised.

Validate data automatically

Easily drag and drop all your files into ATLYST. Once uploaded, the system will check each file against the parameters that you have set and inform you of anomalies that require further investigation.

Keep your team informed

Download and share comprehensive and graphical reports from every site. Opt for the latest available year’s data or select multiple years to clearly present traffic changes over time.

Customers are benefitting from using ATLYST by:

  • Saving Time
  • Interactive and Easy Access to Data
  • Visual Reporting
  • Quick sharing of Data and Reports

Case Study: Click here to know more about client’s experience with ATLYST.

We provide customised offers according to your demand. Contact us today to learn more about how you can maximize traffic efficiency with our wide range of products.

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