Traffic Data in Bagdad

Accurate traffic data is an essential part of any traffic engineering effort, whether it is downtown NYC or in the Iraqi capital of Bagdad. From designing road surfaces based on volumes of the different vehicle classes to assessing and implementing speed limits, traffic data informs a range of decisions. The RoadPod VT  counter was recently demonstrated in Bagdad by local traffic engineer Firas Kkarim to a range of academics, highlighting features of the system that can be utilised by the cities transport department.

Pavement Design

Understanding the mix of vehicle classes in the city helps planners ensure the pavement is capable of handling the load over the expected road lifespan. Extreme seasonal temperatures further accelerate road wear. With summer averages in the mid 40°C and winter days just above 0°C, Bagdad roads are subjected to extremes.

Vehicle classification in MetroCount systems provides a concise breakdown on the types of vehicles using a road. With detailed axle classification, the system is able to determine the configuration of a trucks axle spacings, allowing different ESA (Equivalent Standard Axle) values to be applied to different vehicles. This information can be used in planning, designing, implementing and monitoring roads.

Road Safety

The Iraq Ministry of Health 2009 Annual Report revealed that in Iraq, the injury toll from road accidents is almost four times greater than that from acts of terrorism. Vehicle speeds data helps to proactively evaluate road safety without relying on fatalities to identify hazards. With the MetroCount Traffic Executive software, it is easy to produce a range of speed related reports including a class speed matrix, that can be compared across a network to identify the most high-risk sites.

MetroCount has a strong company ethos of empowering our clients to ensure they get the most from our products. We look forward to working with Eng. Firas on future projects to get the best outcomes for Bagdad roads.

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