Bike Futures 2013

The Melbourne Bike Futures Annual Conference is gearing up for its opening on the 16th of October!

Bike Futures is Australia’s leading conference on bicycle policy and technology. At MetroCount, we’re keenly interested in providing accurate data to base important policy decisions in fact.

Testing high-level changes requires a robust and reliable method of data collection. OurMC5720 Advanced Bicycle Counter is tailored specifically for bicycle usage, providing fine-grained data very reliably. Our software package – MetroCount Traffic Executive – can then use that data to provide an astounding level of highly practical analysis, giving the real picture of how bicycle routes are being used.

Come and talk with us at the Bike Futures Annual Conference! We’d love to go into further detail and demonstrate how the MC5720 will help address the challenge of encouraging better and safer bike usage. We haven’t been told our stall number and location yet – we’lltweet it when available and update you with the details here on the MetroCount blog.

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