Bikes For All At Velo-City Dublin 2019

This year’s Velo-City summit was themed “Bikes For All”, encouraging people of all ages, genders & abilities to jump on their bicycles.

With highlights like a 1,500-strong bike parade through the streets of Dublin and an extreme BMX stunt show, the conference was a big success.

Keynote speakers from around the world expanded on conversations of bike safety, Smart City initiatives and the trend for shared small mobility devices.

With cycling becoming more popular globally, & with a boom in mew mobility devices, everyone agrees that monitoring bike lanes & shared paths is key in achieving all the rest.

As such, the buzz for bike, scooter and pedestrian data collection and analysis systems continues. And this is where MetroCount prides itself in providing the most accurate and reliable solutions on the market.

Both our short-term and permanent survey systems gather extremely precise data on every axle that passes over them. This data is imperative in planning for future cycle infrastructure and informing on shifts in transport modes.

We’re happy that once again we could be a part of this fantastic conference! So we look forward to seeing you all there again in the future.

Bikes For All Velo-City Dublin Photos

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