Breakfast with Paul Steely White

The RAC (WA), through the RAC Mobility Breakfast Series, this morning hosted New York City’s Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives, Paul Steely White.

Mike, Vern and Maurice attended the breakfast at the Fraser’s Function Room Kings Park which provided a fabulous location and Perth provided the terrific weather. About 150 attendees representing State and Local Government, the transport sectors, consultants, and, of course, MetroCount sat through an inspiring presentation.

Paul Steely White giving a presentation

Paul Steely White’s (@psteely) presentation was titled “How to change the urban status quo. What can Perth learn from New York City”? noting the massive changes that have come about in New York recently:

“There are 6,000 miles of streets in New York City and over 12,000 miles of sidewalks, making up about 80 percent of the city’s public space. About 255 miles of bike lanes have been added over the past 6 years—contributing to more than 700 miles of bike lanes in New York City.

[Importantly], bike lanes reduce injuries and death by around 50 percent for everyone where they’re installed”.

He will present this again at Bike Futures 2013 in Melbourne this week and we are looking forward to promising discussions with Paul.

paul steely white

Paul Steely White, photo:

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