Traffic data collection is made simple with the revolutionary software program, ATLYST

Users of ATLYST all around the world are praising the revolutionary software for its convenient and easy-to-use methods of collecting traffic data. Our sophisticated software is continuously being developed to match the needs of the user. Straightforward visualising, analysing and

Portfolio MetroCount

Accurate Traffic Surveys with Advanced and Reliable Solutions

As a leading provider of traffic data solutions, MetroCount offers a wide range of traffic counters and data visualisation. From our portable traffic counters with durable rubber tubes to our active transport counters, we have a product for every situation. We can help whether you

Have you seen the latest MetroCount product, the RoadPod® VM?

The RoadPod® VM patented magnetometers are small, unobtrusive and off-grid vehicle counters that provide real-time data on traffic movements. The RoadPod® VM: Is installed within 60 seconds with no cutting or grinding of the road required. Gives year-round, individual vehicle

ATLYST users have found excellent value from implementing the sophisticated software into their data analysis

With the use of ATLYST quickly becoming a top preference by customers around the world, we are  seeing successful stories arising with major benefits being felt by the organisations using the software. ATLYST has been developed to revolutionise the way

Micromobility Revolution

MetroCount is getting ready to participate in The Micromobility Conference & Expo between 25 and 26 of November 2022, in Sydney. Happening for the first time in Australia, the event is dedicated to the transport revolution, promoting urban micromobilty and

MetroCount is attending Intertraffic Mexico 2022

MetroCount is joining INTERTRAFFIC Mexico with traffic management solutions to support a new infrastructure strategy for LATAM region. Traffic in Latin America is a huge concern. In previous studies, big cities such as Bogotá, Mexico City, Quito, Recife, São Paulo,

What’s new in ATLYST

We are constantly improving ATLYST and updating features to align with our customers’ needs. Over the last few months, ATLYST has seen a number of improvements in important tools, providing added benefits to each ATLYST user. Most recently, the following

Roads and Traffic Expo Thailand

The Roads and Traffic Expo Bangkok is only a few days away and we will be exhibiting!

We are excited about the upcoming Roads & Traffic Expo in Bangkok, Thailand. It is great to have the opportunity to meet with our clients, and also to meet key professionals from Thailand’s transport and infrastructure sector. From 26-27 October,

MetroCount and ALGA in Hobart

We are happy to take part in the 2022 National Local Roads and Transport Congress, which will be happening in November in Hobart, Tasmania. The Australian Local Government Association is the national voice of local government, representing over 535 councils across the

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