Measuring ecological impact of traffic in rural Colorado

The state of Colorado in the USA contains over 3.5 million acres of federally protected wilderness, much of which lies in remote regions of the Rocky Mountains. Over 12,000 miles of Forest Service roads along with some unauthorised tracks criss-cross the land,

Real-time traffic data shows COVID impact

Last week’s COVID lockdown in Perth, Australia highlighted the value of real-time traffic data collection for monitoring individual vehicle movements during critical times. Collecting accurate data from every single vehicle and presenting the information in real-time has, until now, been

Traffic counters monitor borders during COVID

Many local governments and state road authorities have been using MetroCount traffic counters to monitor state borders during 2020’s coronavirus pandemic. Murray River Council (MRC), a local government entity responsible for 11,865 square kilometres of farmland and rural towns on

MetroCount’s commitment to sustainability

From MetroCount’s humble beginnings in 1987, founder Mike Kenny has always prioritised sustainable operational practices and a green approach to conducting business. As the company has continued to grow, sustainability has remained at the core of what MetroCount stands for.

Testing the RoadPod VT4 four-tube counter – A Case Study by Matrix Traffic and Transport Data

Matrix Traffic and Transport Data recently conducted independent testing of the RoadPod VT4 four-tube traffic counter. Read on for test results, parameters and outcomes.

Rural Road Safety in Western Australia

After a very quiet year attending minimal conferences or trade shows, MetroCount was very excited to get back into networking and discussing rural road safety at last week’s Western Australia Local Government Conference. Sarah, Dale and MetroCount’s new Projects Coordinator

Monitoring entries to Western Australia’s most visited destination

King’s Park, Western Australia’s most visited destination, uses MetroCount’s piezoelectric system to monitor vehicles arriving at all 6 park entrances and use the data to inform key decision making.

How has COVID impacted cycling in Brooklyn, USA?

2020 has been a year of massive, unexpected change. No one could predict the effects of a global pandemic on society, yet the impact of COVID on cycling has been truly astonishing, especially in Brooklyn. The coronavirus hit New York

Lane Changer for Fremantle Traffic Data

The City of Fremantle in Western Australia is revolutionising the way they visualise and make use of traffic data across their road and cycling network. Since December 2019 they have been using MetroCount’s new traffic data analytics and survey management

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