MetroCount featured in RideOn

MetroCount bike counters were discussed in a recent article by Simon Vincett in Ride On magazine. Highlighting some of the data sources used to plan and design new infrastructure for cyclists, the article featured an interview with MetroCount Technical Sales

Pro-Tip | Using Multiple Classification Schemes

With class schemes, it’s never quite a ‘one size fits all’ situation. A classification scheme with a high degree of heavy vehicle separation might prove less useful for summarizing traffic. Similarly, standardized schemes mandated for pavement management may lack detail on

Traffic Counters Mexico

The inaugural Intertraffic Mexico 2016

The first edition of Intertraffic Mexico has just wrapped up, with the Mexican capital putting on a spectacle. Mexico City is at a cross road with public pressure and policies. While the community demands better transport options, the government  lags on the implementation. The

Pro-Tip | Masking Data in MTE

In this Pro-Tip we cover the process of masking out traffic data based on time of the week. Using the ‘Local Profile’ filtering feature in MTE, the process of masking (time filtering) data can be applied to any report, from speed analysis

MTE® V5 Update and Compatibility

With the release of our RoadPod® – RidePod® generation of counters, we introduced a new major software update, MTE® Version 5.  This update is centered around the functionalities of the new RoadPod VT counter, featuring dynamic battery monitoring, remote accessibility, and the advanced StampEx

Intelligent Transportation, Smart Cities

After 5 intensive days, the 23rd World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems has come to an end. The event attracted over 11k visitors from 73 countries who debated the future of transport technology. Melbourne was a timely host having recently been

7 Myths Holding Back Cycling

Cycling advocacy in Australia is at a tipping point, with success stories like the Melbourne CBD contrasting with the regressive bike policies in NSW. In Western Australia, Perth is fighting to become a bike friendly city. A visit from Dutch cycling researcher Dr.

Congestion Study in Nyeri Town, Kenya

Kenyan researchers have recently published a congestion study in the American Journal of Civil Engineering, investigating this growing problem in Nyeri Town. Although a global issue, in Kenya congestion was triggered by rapidly increasing population and the crowding of motorized traffic onto a

Client Profile: Southern Traffic Services US

Southern Traffic Services have been providing Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning services in the US for over 28 years. With 10 offices across 8 states, Southern Traffic Services’ customer base encompasses from large DOT’s through to small Counties. STS has

Speed Surveys for Safety in Brent

The London Borough of Brent is on a mission to bring down speeds on local roads. With concerns for the safety of residents, particularly school children, the Borough has embarked on a detailed fact-finding mission to identify areas of concern

Parks Victoria: Monitoring key visitor sites remotely

Since the Parks Victoria Act 1998,  Parks Victoria has been responsible for managing parks and waterways, and other assets under the control of the state, including historic sites and indigenous cultural heritage sites. The total area under Parks Victoria’s management is

TrafficInfraTech Expo 2016

Back to Mumbai for TrafficInfraTech Expo 2016

TrafficInfraTech Expo 2016   Exhibiting on behalf of MetroCount at TrafficInfraTech Expo 2016, Mark Eyre and Maurice Berger had the pleasure to spend the first three days of September in Mumbai. Big admirers of India, the pair is visiting the