Traffic in Mumbai and across India

We have returned to Mumbai to attend the 7th edition of TrafficInfraTech Expo. After 2 years, we found an ever busier and tenser city scape. In the last 6 years, the number of cars in Mumbai has increased from 20.28 to

Wales: Traffic Counting and Speed Surveys

For almost 30 years, our friends at Tracsis have been successfully carrying out traffic counting across the UK and Ireland, and sometimes further away from home, in North America, Africa, Australasia and the Middle East. For half of this time, they have

ITS World Congress 2018: Tales from Copenhagen

Over 10,000 traffic and transportation professionals have attended the 25th ITS World Congress. Copenhagen has proven to be the ideal host – progressive, smart, inspirational. We were delighted to join in the local customs, such as trip chaining. After a work week

TranspoQuip 2018: Bike monitoring in the megacity of São Paulo

Recently, we have attended for the first time the TranspoQuip 2018 exhibition. Taking place every year in Brazil, this time around the event brought us to São Paulo. There couldn’t have been a better location to discuss transport infrastructure, network management or

AITPM National Conference Recap

At the end of July, we welcomed over 500 delegates to Perth for this year’s AITPM National Conference. MetroCount was one of the proud sponsors of this event, the most successful of its kind to date. The 4-day conference offered

Ameland: Monitoring bike traffic between the seas

With 3600 inhabitants, the island of Ameland is a small municipality in the Netherlands, located between the North and the Wadden seas. When the weather is nice, the island can attract over half a million tourists/year. The majority of them travel to

MetroCount at NaTMEC 2018

NaTMEC 2018 with the Traffic Data Specialists

We just wrapped up the NaTMEC 2018 meeting. Organised and hosted by Pacific Southwest Region University Transportation Center in Irvine, CA, this show attracted traffic-enthusiasts from across the US and surrounding countries. The conference and exhibition covered all aspects of

Belgium: Analysing Traffic at Railway Crossings

For years, the French National Railways has been analysing traffic at railway crossings using MetroCount equipment. Very recently, the Public Infrastructure Manager for the Belgian Railways – Infrabel decided to follow their example. Infrabel maintains about 1000 level crossings across the

ARRB International Conference 2018

The 28th edition of the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) International Conference took place in Brisbane, Australia. Over 300 researchers, practitioners, academia and industry leaders have joined us in discussing the latest road traffic innovations. The 4-day program included presentations

Chile: Cycling infrastructure and bike monitoring

Our partners in Chile, the Grupo DPS have undertaken a large bike monitoring project in the Aysén Region, installing 17 permanent RidePod® BP bike counters. Founded in 2014, Groupo DPS, have a team of dedicated traffic engineers managing ongoing projects in the southern (Coyhaique),

Traffic Data Collection with Induction Loops

As one of the most valuable assets managed by governments of all levels, maintaining road infrastructure is critical. Globally, the MetroCount systems are trusted to provide accurate and accountable statistics as part of the traffic data technology mix. In this

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

The Intertraffic tradeshow in Amsterdam has become a pilgrimage for the MetroCount team, and the highlight of our tradeshow calendar. With a diverse mix of attendees from across the globe, this is the platform to showcase our new and existing technologies.

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