Traffic Data Collection with Induction Loops

As one of the most valuable assets managed by governments of all levels, maintaining road infrastructure is critical. Globally, the MetroCount systems are trusted to provide accurate and accountable statistics as part of the traffic data technology mix. In this

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

The Intertraffic tradeshow in Amsterdam has become a pilgrimage for the MetroCount team, and the highlight of our tradeshow calendar. With a diverse mix of attendees from across the globe, this is the platform to showcase our new and existing technologies.

Towards a Traffic Database for Perth and WA

AITPM put together a plenary discussion about building a coherent traffic database for Perth and Western Australia. Our General Manager, Vern Bastian, was invited to present his position on the future of traffic data collection. He was joined by other industry

Bike and Vehicle Monitoring in Utrecht, the Netherlands

In Utrecht, the public buses are affecting traffic, with great pressure on the road pavement and increased congestion levels. It’s for this reasons why the local municipality has decided the Nelson Mandela bridge is due for a redesign. Currently, the

TRB Annual Meeting 2018 | The Future of Transport and Road Safety

After 5 busy days, the 2018 edition of the Transport Reseach Board Annual Meeting has come to an end. The conference offered over 800 workshops and seminars to about 13000 visitors. Under the main theme of Transportation: Moving the Economy of

Gulf Traffic 2017: Road Infrastructure in the Middle East

At the beginning of December, we travelled to Dubai to attend this year’s Gulf Traffic conference. While this was a great excuse to catch up with our Middle Eastern clients, it also turned out to be a great opportunity to make new

Traffic Counts: 4 Traffic Statistics You Should Rethink

When conducting a traffic survey, it’s easy to forget about the latent value of your traffic data. Beyond the standard vehicle volume reports, you can analyze a wealth of information about road design, driver behaviour or road safety. Traffic Counts

3 Days in Mexico City at Intertraffic

With the great experience of last year’s in mind, we recently exhibited at Intertraffic Mexico. Over 5,000 visitors and exhibitors from 47 countries have joined us during this three-day event. With Latin America facing the challenge of urban mobility, it

Road Safety Lessons from ARSC2017

It’s Friday and this year’s Australasian Road Safety Conference is behind us, but the enthusiasm for road safety is clearly palpable, and will not quieten down. In fact, those 600+ delegates who filled up the Crown Perth venue were/are so

Belgian Road Congress: Bikes, Pedestrians and Smart Mobility

Last week we returned to Brussels to attend the Belgian Road Congress, an event that takes place every four years. As usual, the programme has included sessions on all aspects of road infrastructure, attracting professional such as constructors, urban planners,

Bike Monitoring Network in North Brabant

MetroCount, in collaboration with Basec, was recently awarded a 3-year contract to monitor bikes in the Dutch province of North Brabant. Work has begun to commission over 50 bike data sites across the region. MetroCount will utilise the latest in

TrafficInfraTech 2017: Smart Mobility in India

We have just returned from a week in Hyderabad, attending the TrafficIntraTech 2017 exhibition. Attending every show since its inception, we have been excited by the changes taking place in India. In the words of our Business Development Manager, Maurice Berger,

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