Cycle City Active City 2016 in Leicester

The timing and location of the Cycle City Active City 2016 conference couldn’t have been planned better. With the Leicester City F.C. winning the Premiere League at impossible odds, excitement is still rippling through the city. This energy has leeched into the cycling conference with the typically enthusiastic bike officers and advocates riding on the football high.

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Topics on day one ranged from engaging women in cycling to electric bike share, with a slice of gold for just about anyone interested in bike infrastructure and increasing cycling participation. MetroCount Regional Manager, Daryl Ellison, was joined by Emily Verity (Technical Sales Representative) and Roger Macklen (Business Development Specialist) at the MetroCount booth, engaging in discussions with bike officers about the applications of MetroCount recording technologies and data.

Topics on day one ranged from encouraging and facilitationg cycling for women to developing electric bike share programmes. Additionally, the Great Britain and Ireland Cycling Development Forum allowed delegates from across 13 regions of Great Britain and Ireland to discuss the issues they face with cycling development, from changing behaviours to improving infrastructure.

With expanding new sources of data available, combining multiple data collections can provide planners with an understanding of cycling behaviour and patterns. MetroCount has developed two solutions for accurately detecting and recording bike volumes, speed, and direction at specific locations. The permanent Advanced Bike Counter is designed for long-term monitoring to detect yearly trends while also providing safety related data. The Portable Bike Counter is designed for short-term studies, as part of a rotating monitoring network or to assess cycling infrastructure, such as light lane segregation.


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