Driver Behaviour In A Traffic Dystopia

Images below illustrate some common practises on Indian roads, a country with approx 240 000 deaths from car accidents in 2013. Change to the driver behaviour requires a monumental shift in current levels of engagement with enforcement, education and engineering. The photo journal below, by MetroCounts Maurice Berger, highlights some of these driver behaviours alongside the cultural beauty that is India. You can read more about the trip here, or more about traffic monitoring in India.

Indian Hair Dresser

NO PARKING, NO STANDING, but feel free to get your hair cut!

Fridge on bike

A fridge on a bike. Wedge a few more boxes in there and it’ll be right.

Drive on the wrong side of the road.

Love is a two way street… untill the drivers decide to veer onto the wrong side of the road.


A four lane free-way is as good a place as any to pull up and run over to the shops.


Pedestrians preferring to walk on the road than the 10 meter wide walkway just out of shot.


Traffic In India

Buses often prefer to collect passengers in their lane rather than pull into the bus bay to avoid the difficulty in navigating back onto the road.


Children’s messages on road safety. Although there is a way to go, efforts are being made to improve conditions for future road users.


Gas bottles on a bike… lets hope they are empty!



The Stairway to Heaven



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