Driving Change at Intertraffic Mexico 2019

That’s a wrap on Intertraffic Mexico 2019 with over 100 international exhibitors landing in Mexico City last week for the event.

Just months after Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador declared a $400 billion blitz on infrastructure, Intertraffic was the perfect opportunity to find innovative and effective ways to implement the required improvements.

One of Lopez Obrador’s goals is to develop Mexico’s poorer south and better connect the Pacific port of Salina Cruz to the Gulf of Mexico. To begin this mammoth task, widespread traffic data collection and analysis is required.

MetroCount at Intertraffic Mexico 2019

As world leaders in traffic monitoring, MetroCount’s booth was buzzing with interest in our powerful data analytic software and our ever growing range of vehicle, bike and pedestrian counters.

Particular interest was taken in our brand new product, the
RoadPod® VT4; a portable data collection system for monitoring multiple lanes. This tube counter simultaneously gathers a unique data set for two lanes, regardless of traffic direction.

Another product peaking interest with locals and international visitors alike was the Remote Access Link. By clipping this solution onto any MetroCount tube system, gaining remote access to survey sites is a breeze. This allows anyone to download data & check tube sensors from their desk!

Latin American interest

Many visitors also attended the event from all over Latin America, joining in conference sessions on road safety, urban transport, sustainable mobility and more.

According to this recent article, the 5 top mobility developments in Latin America are:

  • Congestion reduction efforts,
  • Shared mobility,
  • Micro-mobility,
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT),
  • and the switch to electric.

Micro-mobility continues to surge in popularity with share e-scooter companies such as Yellow (Brazil) and Grin (Mexico) operating 135,000 lightweight vehicles in over 23 cities.

Monitoring micro mobility devices

To monitor the uptake of these and other new micro mobility devices, MetroCount has created the Shared Path Classification Scheme. This scheme accurately differentiates adult and kids’ bikes from e-scooters, mopeds, cargo bikes and pedestrians.

This classification scheme can be used in conjunction with MetroCount’s portable bike counter and permanent bike and pedestrian monitoring system.

It’s fantastic to see infrastructure improvements in Mexico and Latin America continue, and MetroCount is excited to remain involved in the big changes to come!

Photos from Intertraffic Mexico 2019

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