Monitoreo de bicicletas y vehículos en Utrecht, Holanda

En Utrecht (Hollanda), los autobuses públicos están afectando el tráfico, ejerciendo una gran presión en el pavimento y aumentando la congestión. Es por estas razones por las que la municipalidad local ha decidido que el puente Nelson Mandela debe ser

México: Hacia una estrategia de movilidad nacional

Por tercer año consecutivo, MetroCount expuso en la feria comercial de tráfico más grande de México. Bajo la marca Intertraffic, este evento atrae a miles de profesionales de tecnología de tráfico y administradores de carreteras de toda América Latina. El

Chile: infraestructura de ciclismo y monitoreo de bicicletas

Nuestros socios chilenos, Grupo DPS, han emprendido un gran proyecto de monitoreo de bicicletas en la Región de Aysén. Fundado en 2014, el Groupo DPS cuenta con un equipo de ingenieros de tráfico dedicados que administran proyectos en las regiones

3 Days in Mexico City at Intertraffic

With the great experience of last year’s in mind, we recently exhibited at Intertraffic Mexico. Over 5,000 visitors and exhibitors from 47 countries have joined us during this three-day event. With Latin America facing the challenge of urban mobility, it

Traffic Data Collection with Induction Loops

As one of the most valuable assets managed by governments of all levels, maintaining road infrastructure is critical. Globally, the MetroCount systems are trusted to provide accurate and accountable statistics as part of the traffic data technology mix. In this

Pilot testing cycling infrastructure

With trials of light segregation of cyclists piloted in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, planners needed short term data to evaluate how the treatments affected cyclists. The borough utilised Portable Bike Counters supplied by MetroCount to gather specific

MC5710 + Mc5720 - Monitoring vehicles and bicyles

Monitoring the Transport Mode Shift

The 2015 Paris climate talks saw world leaders make strong pledges to reduce global emissions, with a focus on reducing transport-fuelled CO2 emissions. Moving people out of cars and onto public transport and bicycles has been clearly identified as a

Parks Victoria: Monitoring key visitor sites remotely

Since the Parks Victoria Act 1998,  Parks Victoria has been responsible for managing parks and waterways, and other assets under the control of the state, including historic sites and indigenous cultural heritage sites. The total area under Parks Victoria’s management is

SNCF - Comptage traffic

France: Analyzing driver behaviour at level crossings

Motivated to improve safety at rail crossings, France’s national state-owned railway company, SNCF, decided to investigate options for recording traffic data at level crossings. Once analysed, this data would allow them to identify safety risks by visualising the behaviour of cars travelling through the intersection

Inductive loop system with solar panel - MC5810

Investigating Park Traffic with Inductive Loops

Whiteman Park is a unique recreation and conservation reserve that covers nearly 4,000 hectares of natural bushland and leisure facilities in Perth’s northern suburbs. With a large variety of birdlife, wildlife, a motor museum and equestrian facilities, Whiteman Park attracts a large

Improving Traffic Flow in the Swiss Alps

MetroCount’s CEO Mike Kenny and Technical Sales Representative Clément Dabadie recently travelled to Fribourg, in Switzerland, to assist local authorities in their use of the MetroCount systems to accomplish their traffic monitoring objectives. With 15 permanent installations (Inductive Loop Classifiers),

Fremantle Arts Center

Continuous traffic data in the City Of Fremantle

Looking to gain a broad insight of year-round traffic conditions, the City of Fremantle installed one Permanent Traffic Classifier on Ord Street, in 2011. The site is strategically positioned to collect information including the types of vehicles, speeds and volumes of

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