USB to Serial Communication with a MetroCount Unit

This MetroCount training video details the basics of communicating with a MetroCount Traffic Survey Unit using a USB to Serial cable.

For more details on installing the MTE software and drivers for your unit please watch the Software training series of videos.


    Hi Sir,

    We had already installed the Metro Count 5600 Software & Drivers in our P.C. , but we are not able to install the signature in the New Signature Box.
    So, we requested you to please support in this matter or please provide the Online Video session , so that we can easily install the signature.

    • Metro Admin Metro Admin says:

      Hi Hemant,
      We have responded to you directly and will take on your feedback for future online videos.
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      Best Regards

  2. Ibijola Stephen O says:

    I tried connection but metro-count with the serial cable but is showing com4, saying the port can not be opened. please how do I resolve this.

    • Metro Admin Metro Admin says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for the enquiry. We have emailed a request for further information about your setup so we can provide assistance.

      Warm regards

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