FieldPod® is the complete solution for monitoring and managing traffic infrastructure remotely.

With ongoing site diagnostics and scheduled data delivery, and compatible with all MetroCount counters, FieldPod® provides convenience, safety and continuity to your traffic surveys.

Monitor vast road networks

Managing traffic within 4 million hectares area of Parks Victoria can be a challenge. By installing tube counters connected to FieldPod® Remote Access, eliminating the need for site visits, staff have improved their workflow significantly.

Track the Evolution of Urban Bike Trips

To build an award-winning cycling infrastructure, London’s Borough of Ealing has invested in monitoring bike trips. Their network of piezo counters with remote access has helped the Council to make informed decisions based on long-term data.

Measure congestion levels over time

Fighting massive levels of congestion and poor roads condition, the Philippines has deployed a web of traffic monitoring systems. The authorities capture all traffic via tube, piezo, and loop installations and receive data remotely via FieldPod®.

Analyse Traffic Variation in the City

In the port city of Fremantle, commuters and container freight share the roads. To measure the impact of heavy vehicles, the Council uses piezo counters connected to FieldPod® remote access, capturing vehicle classes and seasonal variations.

What's in it for you?

Effortless, Continuous Data

Through FieldPod®, MetroCount becomes not only a manufacturer of traffic monitoring systems, but also a traffic data provider.

The FieldPod® service eliminates routine site management visits with remote diagnostics and data download. The system transfers traffic data directly into the inbox of subscribers who retain full ownership and control over their data.

Customised Data Delivery

Along with MetroCount format data, all FieldPod® users can opt to regularly receive Excel spreadsheets, prepared in-house by our traffic data experts. This service can be extended further to customised reports that include a wide variety of site-specific metrics.

Superior Monitoring Systems for Your Roads

FieldPod® is a modular system that makes use of MetroCount’s tried and tested range of monitoring technologies, supporting data collection on multi-lane roads. To assure the quality of your data, our resident traffic experts assist road managers in selecting the right equipment and the optimal site for remote traffic studies.

Complimentary MTE™ Analysis Software

For extensive investigations, FieldPod® users get free access to the latest MetroCount Traffic Executive™ software, with raw traffic data delivered along with customised reports. With thousands of users across the world, MTE™ is the most diverse traffic analysis software available and allows for easy re-analysis or comparison of historical data.

Remote Access with FieldPod®

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