From Data Collection to Action: How Speed Surveying Impacts Traffic Management

Conducting a traffic survey is an efficient method of collecting traffic data to identify focus areas and changes in patterns. With a focus on speed surveying, the results collected using RoadPod® VT counters can provide a better understanding of the key metrics of road safety and which, if any, need improvement.

RoadPod® VT collecting traffic data

But why should Local Government’s be conducting speed surveys? To gather information on;

  • Compliance with the speed limit
  • Speeding trends by ‘day of the week’
  • Speeding trends by ‘time of the day’
  • The effectiveness of existing traffic calming measures

RoadPod® VT Vehicle Tube Counters are designed specifically to aid in these surveys. The portable counters are ideal for short-term surveys on busier roads, or long-term data collection on roads with a lower traffic volume. This is beneficial to local councils, where surveying traffic volumes and behaviours facilitates improved road safety strategies.

Not only does the RoadPod® VT provide accurate and reliable traffic data, but it has been designed with the user in mind, and boasts numerous features which help to streamline and simplify workloads:

  • Portable and flexible counters, allowing data collection at different sites and environments.
  • Time-saving. Fast installation allows for minimum traffic management, saving users time and labour.
  • Cost-effective.  Reusability, durability, and a battery life of at least 3 years ensure a sound return on investment for users.

Surveying the speed of traffic can work alongside the Safe Systems Approach, by helping to better understand any trends and tendencies. The SSA broadly considers the elements that can influence a crash, including vehicles and vehicle mix, speed, and function of the road. MetroCount Traffic Executive® (MTE) delivers accurate, detailed data which assists Local Government Authorities in identifying key elements regarding road accidents. For example, research has proven that driving at a lower speed reduces the likelihood of impact and the consequences of an impact. Data collected using The RoadPod® VT allows speeding zones to be recognised, giving decision-makers the opportunity to implement change, such as a modification to the physical design of the road, to prevent crashes from happening.

Following a speed survey, LGAs can utilise numerous strategies to improve on their findings, including implementing or adjusting posted speed limits, introducing speed control devices such as speed bumps or roundabouts, or increasing education to road users on the importance of watching their speed.

To learn more about RoadPod® VT and the benefits of speed surveying, contact us today.

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