Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

The Intertraffic tradeshow in Amsterdam has become a pilgrimage for the MetroCount team, and the highlight of our tradeshow calendar. With a diverse mix of attendees from across the globe, this is the platform to showcase our new and existing technologies. In addition, Intertraffic provides the opportunity to introduce new clients to our proud company culture and to form strong relationships with traffic industry representatives who hare the same views on improving road safety through better traffic data.

Staff from our Australian office left the beach weather for chilly Amsterdam. With new products to showcase, our chief engineer was on hand to answer technical questions. Of particular interest to delegates from some of the more congestion troubled cities, was our RidePod BP, Bike/Pedestrian counter. Quantifying the impacts of active/sustainable transport schemes requires accurate data, highlighting trends in cyclist/pedestrian numbers. The introduction of our RidePod BP system has simplified this problem on shared paths, recording both pedestrians and cyclists with a single counter.

Another notable inclusion to the product line is the Remote Cap, which adds remote access capabilities to short-term traffic counters. The Remote Cap reduces the need for onsite mid-survey checks through the remote download of data for quality checking.

All in all, we had a thoroughly enjoyable trip to Amsterdam, strengthening the MetroCount team and getting to know a diverse group of traffic professionals.

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