Parchi di Victoria: Monitoraggio in remoto i visitatori del parco

Since the Parks Victoria Act 1998,  Parks Victoria has been responsible for managing parks and waterways, and other assets under the control of the state, including historic sites and indigenous cultural heritage sites. The total area under Parks Victoria’s management is

Inductive loop system with solar panel - MC5810

Conteggio del traffico nel parco nazionale con spire induttivi

Whiteman Park is a unique recreation and conservation reserve that covers nearly 4,000 hectares of natural bushland and leisure facilities in Perth’s northern suburbs. With a large variety of birdlife, wildlife, a motor museum and equestrian facilities, Whiteman Park attracts a large

Miglioramento di flusso del traffico nelle Alpi svizzere

Il nostro team ha recentemente viaggiato a Friburgo, in Svizzera, per aiutare le autorità locali di sfruttare al massimo sistemi MetroCount per raggiungere gli obiettivi di monitoraggio del traffico. Con 15 installazioni permanenti con spire induttive e alcuni contatori con tubi,

Dati continui sul traffico nella città di Fremantle

Looking to gain a broad insight of year-round traffic conditions, the City of Fremantle installed the RoadPod® VP on Ord Street, in 2011. The site is strategically positioned to collect information including the types of vehicles, speeds and volumes of traffic travelling past

SNCF Case Study

Analisi del comportamento del guidatore ai passaggi a livello

Motivated to improve safety at rail crossings, France’s national state-owned railway company, SNCF, decided to investigate options for recording traffic data at level crossings. Once analysed, this data would allow them to identify safety risks by visualising the behaviour of cars travelling through the intersection

Dati sul traffico e il controllo della velocità

When it comes to traffic-related law enforcement, time is a precious resource. Effective monitoring of vehicle speeds and vehicle types helps optimize police efforts and maximizes the impact of time spent by the roadside with radar units. We caught up with Lieutenant

Il punto di vista di un ingegnere sul conteggio automatico di ciclisti

Cottesloe is an iconic beach community in the city of Perth, Western Australia. With a long history of vehicle monitoring using MetroCount tube counters, the council has recently turned its eye to automatic bike counting with the Portable Bike Counter. We caught up with David Lappan,

MC5710 + Mc5720 - Monitoring vehicles and bicyles

Monitoraggio di spostamento dei modi di trasporto

The 2015 Paris climate talks saw world leaders make strong pledges to reduce global emissions, with a focus on reducing transport-fuelled CO2 emissions. Moving people out of cars and onto public transport and bicycles has been clearly identified as a

Ealing Broadway Cycle Hub- Conception unique et primée

Dai dati sul traffico delle biciclette a un’infrastruttura premiata

  Ealing Council is a recognised regional leader in active transport and won the Transport Authority of the Year title at the National Transport Awards 2015. The ongoing community engagement and consistent cycle data collection, have enabled Ealing to develop award-winning cycling infrastructure. Implementing

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