Monitoraggio permanente con strisce piezoelettriche in Nuova Zelanda

In 2012, the Timaru District Council, a small regional centre on NZ’s South Island with a population of around 45000, installed two RoadPod VP permanent traffic counters. With a range of roads under their management, Timaru was seeking to better understand vehicle classes, speeds and volumes at these key sites. Ongoing temporary traffic survey programs also benefited from reliable year-round traffic data, to reference variation in traffic patterns by month or day of the week.

Map of Timaru Permanent sites:

Three years on and Timaru has amassed a database of traffic information that is revealing useful details of road use. Road engineers can in-depth about driver behaviour, seasonal trends, and overall traffic growth while comparing traffic volumes, classes, and speeds at these two sites.

The traffic data is delivered to the road managers over the 3g network with FieldPod® at regular intervals removing the need for manual retrieval.


MetroCount have recently provided new custom template reports to the district which allow engineers to easily generate reports on the last three years of data. The custom template reports include key statistics like ADT, Peak hour, volume at that peak hour, classification and 85th percentile speeds.

The two sites have become a benchmark for growth in the region as they represent two of the busiest arterial roads in Timaru.


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