New York: Conta bici nella Grande Mela

New York Bike Counting

Better Bike Data

With bold strides being taken towards increasing active transport participation in NYC, a small trial of MetroCount bike monitoring equipment is under way to evaluate accurate sources of bike data. The Advanced Bike Counter will provide planners and activists with highly accurate and detailed data on bike use. With advanced metrics including volume, speed, true direction and gap, the MetroCount data delivers clear information not only about the yearly changes in cyclist numbers, but also the cyclist behaviour on a path.

“the ability to visualise commuter versus recreational traffic by comparing variables of speed, direction and volume over time.”

smallA New Approach to Managing Bike Infrastructure

MetroCount data enables bike coordinators to better understand how infrastructure is being used. Consequently, planners and engineers are better equipped to manage upgrades and plan new infrastructure.

Cities and regional centres around the globe have been taking advantage of our full range of analysis tools to examine both broad trends and specific safety concerns. By applying filters to data and comparing variables of speed, direction and volume over time, MC users  have the ability to visualise commuter versus recreational traffic identifying peak periods.

World Leading Technology

We are very pleased to see our established technology, being trialled for use in the New York ‘bike monitoring scheme’. Developed by the NYCDOT (New York City Department of Transport), this initiative is part of an extensive programme to continue developing and supporting cycling in the city. With a number of independent tests assessing the accuracy of the counter to be above 99%, the piezoelectric monitoring system is industry leading for both accuracy and the range of data outputs providing the city with the best available data on bike path use.

From early contact with Transportation Alternatives and the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, MetroCount has taken a keen interest in examining bike data in NYC, and we are especially excited to have this latest interaction with NYCDOT. As strong proponents for the benefits of active transport to cities, communities and individuals, MetroCount relishes this opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development of New York City. We are looking forward to the results of this trial and playing our small role in the promotion of active transport in the Big Apple.



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