ITS World Congress 2018: Tales from Copenhagen

Over 10,000 traffic and transportation professionals have attended the 25th ITS World Congress. Copenhagen has proven to be the ideal host – progressive, smart, inspirational. We were delighted to join in the local customs, such as trip chaining. After a work week of cycling and public transport in the city, we certainly felt why Copenhagen is one of the most livable places in the world.

ITS World Congress: Quality of Life

Under the main theme of Quality of Life, the congress offered numerous opportunities to learn about emerging technologies and sustainable development strategies. While there are still doubts and issues related to autonomous vehicles and IoT, the general consensus is they will significantly improve everyday life. To increase awareness about the latest tech and its applications, the ITS Congress opened its doors to the general public on Thursday, the 20th of September.

‘We are proud to present everything from driverless cars, taxis and buses to intelligent equipment for bicycles. The Public Day is important to us so that the citizens get involved in the development of new and better solutions for use in traffic. These are solutions that are more environmentally friendly and contribute to a better quality of life for Copenhageners.’  says Steffen Rasmussen, Head of Projects in The Technical and Environmental Administration of the City of Copenhagen.

MetroCount at the ITS World Congress 2018

Any international event is a great excuse for our global team to come together. In a sea of high tech and innovations, our traditional data collection methods have been a breath of fresh air. While new, exciting MetroCount technologies are under development, we are happy to see that accurate and reliable “ground truth data” is still highly regarded when building the big picture of traffic conditions.

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