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    I am often using MTExec (v4.0.6.0) – not sure how current this is – to generate reports for batches of 20 eco files.  I have profiles etc generated, and would really like to be able to run a batch program :  For each *.eco file in this folder run MTEExec -inputFilename, -profileName – outputFilename.  -or similar.

    Is such a command possible?  Alternatively, is there a java/python/etc api available that would allow me to write a script?

    I am currently generating reports from 500 eco files, and clicking through the dialog boxes is getting a bit tedious!!!

    Any suggestions appreciated.


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    Metro Admin

    Hi Hugh,

    We have a batch process that requires data files to be enabled and a batch script to be created by MetroCount. I  have forwarded this request onto one of our technical experts who will follow up regarding the Batch process.

    Best Regards


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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