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    B McAndrew


    I have been given a project to integrate our traffic data with our GIS data. to give a summary of speed statistics and traffic counts for each survey point. In order to do this we want to add these summaries to a table in a database that can be linked to GIS. It’s a simple idea and easy to do. produce a report that summarises the data and then with a bit of code magic import it into a database.

    However getting the summaries from Metro Count is proving difficult. first I looked for a report that would give us all the data we need such as speed statistics and traffic count summaries such as ADT and AWDT etc. I couldn’t find a report that gave all of that information. I looked at creating a custom report, which gave me all the data we needed but wouldn’t give me ADT etc. as the tag {FA_nTOT.VD} and it’s variants failed if the survey had half days at the beginning or end of the survey.

    Is there a report that I have missed that would provide all the data we need or a way of getting a custom report to return the values. The “Adjusted flow” Report gives an ADT value, but the custom report doesn’t.

    I know that we could produce two reports for each survey and get the data we need, but the process really does have to be kept as simple as possible.

    Any help or advice will be much appreciated. Thanks


    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for the enquiry. MetroCount Traffic Executive’s (MTE’s) standard reports provide a variety of information in, as you’ve found, a very standardised approach. This is beneficial for most traffic planners and others using such data.

    Looks like you’ve begun delving into the Custom Template Report option which is the newest report facility, merging analysed data and statistics into an Open Document template file. From these templates you can produce word processing documents, spreadsheets and even presentation files.

    The list of embedded tags is immense – and growing – as we expand the Custom Template Report’s application, especially through client feedback.

    To assist you in getting the information into a GIS-required format could I request you provide two things? One being the required data (what do you want to show) and the other being the format (how do want to show it).

    MetroCount can provide this service for you and a few examples are shown here.

    Look forward to discussing this further.


    B McAndrew

    Thanks for the quick reply

    The look of the report isn’t important as it is used as a means to get information into a database. I’m a code monkey so function comes before appearance.

    Below is the output in Metro Count of the custom report I’ve been working on. It shows the tags I’ve used and their results. Most of the them (near the beginning) are speed statistics and class bins, which work nicely. The last few (51 – 60) are my attempts to get ADT, AWDT, and AAWET (virtual days, week days and weekends). It seems that because the survey started on a Tuesday and ended on a Wednesday I can’t get ADT or AWDT from the tags in the report or even the values for virtual days Tuesday and Wednesday (V1and V2), which I thought I could use to calculate ADT myself.

    7 PR_START.TT = 14:21 Tuesday, 16 December 2014
    8 PR_END.TT = 18:50 Wednesday, 7 January 2015
    9 DA_DIR.TT = East (bound)
    10 FA_nCLSBIN.TT.1 = 108549
    11 FA_pCLSBIN.TT.1 = 91.3
    12 FA_nCLSBIN.TT.2 = 3025
    13 FA_pCLSBIN.TT.2 = 2.5
    14 FA_nCLSBIN.TT.3 = 6113
    15 FA_pCLSBIN.TT.3 = 5.1
    16 FA_nCLSBIN.TT.4 = 451
    17 FA_pCLSBIN.TT.4 = 0.4
    18 FA_nCLSBIN.TT.5 = 145
    19 FA_pCLSBIN.TT.5 = 0.1
    20 FA_nCLSBIN.TT.6 = 287
    21 FA_pCLSBIN.TT.6 = 0.2
    22 FA_nCLSBIN.TT.7 = 136
    23 FA_pCLSBIN.TT.7 = 0.1
    24 FA_nCLSBIN.TT.8 = 16
    25 FA_pCLSBIN.TT.8 = 0.0
    26 FA_nCLSBIN.TT.9 = 94
    27 FA_pCLSBIN.TT.9 = 0.1
    28 FA_nCLSBIN.TT.10 = 20
    29 FA_pCLSBIN.TT.10 = 0.0
    30 FA_nCLSBIN.TT.11 = 0
    31 FA_pCLSBIN.TT.11 = 0.0
    32 FA_nCLSBIN.TT.12 = 0
    33 FA_pCLSBIN.TT.12 = 0.0
    34 FA_nTOT.TT = 118836
    35 FA_nLIMIT0.AX = 60
    36 FA_nLIMIT0.TT = 117654
    37 FA_vMEANEX.TT = 76.3
    38 FA_vMAX.TT = 158.5
    39 FA_vMIN.TT = 19.0
    40 FA_vMEAN.TT = 76.0
    41 FA_vPP.TT = 81.4
    42 FA_vPP.AX = 85
    43 FA_vPP2.TT = 85.3
    44 FA_vPP2.AX = 95
    45 FA_vMEAN.TT = 76.0
    46 FA_vPACE.TT = 65.9
    47 FA_vPACE.AX = 20
    48 FA_nPACE.TT = 109202
    49 FA_VARIANCE.TT = 37.9
    50 FA_STDEV.TT = 6.2
    51 FA_nTOT.V0 = 5581
    52 FA_nTOT.V1 = ##Days?##
    53 FA_nTOT.V2 = ##Days?##
    54 FA_nTOT.V3 = 4553
    55 FA_nTOT.V4 = 5681
    56 FA_nTOT.V5 = 4938
    57 FA_nTOT.V6 = 4390
    58 FA_nTOT.WD = ##Days?##
    59 FA_nTOT.VD = ##Days?##
    60 FA_nTOT.VE = 4664
    If I could get all of that in one report (don’t need 51 – 57) that would give us exactly what we need.

    P.S. I think the custom reports and list are a great idea and have found them very useful so far.


    I believe the next step will be to use the vehicle filter settings in the local profile (and hence create a linked private profile to your report) so that you cleanly output ADT and other average vehicle data.

    Maybe this would be best to work out over the phone if you haven’t yet used that aspect of MTE.

    Would Tuesday 3rd or Wednesday 4th March be suitable?



    B McAndrew

    Thank you. Changing the local profile for the report got it to work.

    For anyone who might be interested I changed the time filter in the report profile settings. You can change the “Auto-Wrap” option. I changed it to “Aligned days”, this cuts out the half days at the beginning and end of the survey, save that to a file. modify the custom report and set it to use the new profile that was just saved.

    Now whenever that report is used, the new local profile is used and it works nicely.  Such a small thing that I missed.

    Thanks for you help.


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