Counter, Classifier, Logger, Roadside Unit – What’s in a name?

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    Vern Bastian
    Vern Bastian

    Whilst the word “Counter” is a very common search term, it may be confusing to label all traffic survey products as “Counters”. “Classifier” and “counter” are often used synonomously in the traffic survey industry, so neither term should be used exclusively. The MC5600, for example, is predominantly a “Classifier” and should be referred to as such. “Classifier” is a much more advanced product than a “Counter”.  People looking for “Classifiers” may be put off not seeing the word more frequently.

    But, here’s the thing… the MC5600 is an electronic logger, but in reality it neither counts (i.e. totalises) nor classifies.  It simply time stamps every axle event.  The MC5600 roadside traffic logging unit is only a part of the overall “system”, with the MTE software doing the actual counting or classifying.

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    We invented the term “Roadside Unit” (or “RSU”) years ago to draw the distinction between competitors’ outmoded systems and the MetroCount approach, where the logger is the data gathering component of the complete system. The abbreviation “RSU” is used extensively throughout MetroCount software and technical documentation.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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