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    We have decided to starting logging the percentages of trucks with our recorded data. To date we have roughly 100 sites that we have data for.

    When I select multiple sites and creat a report I end up with a lot of blank information.
    EG. Data #1 – Date 1/1/2013
    #2 – Date 3/1/2013
    When I create a report using the two different data sets it with do a report for both dates. For the data #1 there will be no information for 3/1/2013 being that it was not set out on that date.

    Is there a way to select multiple data sets, but print out multiple, seperate reports all at the same time?

    Vern Bastian
    Vern Bastian

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for your query. With the MetroCount analysis software, you generally will only process datasets as a group in one report if they form a contiguous time series or overlap in some way (e.g. datasets across multiple lanes).

    If you are wanting to produce the same report format but for datasets from different locations and different times, you can make use of the “Cloning” feature:

    1. Load all the datasets you want to analyse (i.e. make sure they’re all visible in the File Management List).
    2. Produce the first report for the first dataset.
    3. When the report displays, click the “Clone” button in the top tool bar. This will create an exact copy of the first report.
    4. Right-click the new report, then in the pop-up menu, click Datasets… This will bring up the File Management list.
    5. Untag the current dataset, then tag the next dataset. The report will recalculate using the new dataset.
    6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 for as many datasets as you’ve loaded.
    7. When you’ve produced all your reports, just print and close them one at a time.

    I find this process allows me to produce a significant number of traffic reports from different sites very quickly. Once you figure out the Cloning and swapping datasets process, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can power through your data processing tasks.

    I hope this helps, please get back and let me know. If you have any trouble figuring it out, get in touch and I’ll get one of the support team members to call and walk you through the process.

    It is really straightforward, though.

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    Vern Bastian
    Vern Bastian

    Hi again Jason

    Just a further comment on this… Whilst the above solution allows you to speed up your data processing using existing software features, if you have many datasets to process the same way, you may reach some point where even this process is not fast enough for you.  This is where MetroCount’s “Batch” option comes into the picture.

    The “Batch” option is a Signature Level (like the “Base”, “Regular” and “Plus” Levels), which enables automated data processing via Scripts. Using a script with Batch-enabled datasets (i.e. datasets gathered from a Batch Level logger or signed by MetroCount), you can add commands to scan a folder for MetroCount datasets, have the analysis software automatically produce any “Plus” level reports you like using any Profiles you may choose, then save or print the reports.

    Let us know if you’d like to learn more about the Batch option for your loggers.





    I am a PhD student from Turkey, and my thesis about traffic counts efficiency and simulation of traffic for the whole country. Because of this topic, i need to analyse and generate reports for the nearly 7000 sites for the 6 years of time period. (Mostly 1 week counts per season for every site).

    I gathered counts from General Directorate of Highways (Turkey) and using their software and computers for the analysis purposes. But when i try to run my script for batch processing, i get an error, says “Not all the datasets are script enabled.”. Signature level of the gathered data is “PLUS”.


    Is there any way to run the script for this signature level, or does GDH has to change their signature level, if so what is the price/fee of the new signature?  If GDH changed their signature level, can i run my script or do the data need to any process by MetroCount?

    Vern Bastian
    Vern Bastian


    Thanks for your query. Yes you are correct: to operate with scripts, all datasets must be batch-enabled, either generated from a batch-enabled logger or via a signature upgrade. The signature level is displayed in the analysis software’s File Tree, and you can sort by this column.

    Once you have determined how many datasets require a signature upgrade, please let us know and we can further discuss your upgrade options.




    Thanks for your reply. I checked the number of datasets, approximately 25,500 datasets, need to signature upgrade from “Plus” to any batch-enabled signature level.

    As i mentioned, i am a PhD student and actually using governmental facilities, i am not the decision-maker for the signature level upgrade. But after i learned  the options of signature level upgrade, i will contact the decision-makers and will explain your offer to them.

    If you do not mind, i prefer to continue the further discussions via e-mail, instead of forum page, in order to prevent crowd of unnecessary information.

    My e-mail address is  “” , I will look forward to hear from you.

    Vern Bastian
    Vern Bastian


    Thanks for providing more information.  Wow!  That is a lot of datasets!  It shows you how much data can be accumulated with MetroCount equipment over many years by a national road authority, and you can re-analyse historical data anytime in the future to look at different things.

    I will ask Maurice, MetroCount’s Technical Sales Specialist, to get in touch with you directly to discuss how we can upgrade your data.  We will find a way to do this, as MetroCount is generally very supportive of universities, technical institutions and students conducting traffic-related research.



    Thanks for your help and support.

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