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    I have this issue with my custom template. I cannot figure out why it consistently gives me the value of ##Days?##.

    On the contents page, it says ##Days?## suggests there are missing days in the data therefore it cannot fully generate it but I’ve tried many different sets of data and they all give the same result. These data sets are in the 5 days – 2 weeks range so I don’t think it is possible that I’m missing any days.

    The formula that I use in my template is ;

    Primary Direction            Secondary Direction              Total

    FA_nTT.WDP        //       FA_nTT.WDS                   FA_nTT.WD

    Is there anywhere I could upload my data file/template for you to have a look at it?


    Vuong Ho


    Hi Vuong,

    Would you mind emailing the associated files?

    They include the template file (.ods or .odt most likely), the descriptor file (.ctx) and a linked profile (.ini) if you are using one.

    Also could you supply the datafile you are working with.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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