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    Hi, i’m using the metrocount 5600. In the report generator tab, there is a option to generate the vehicle weight. But when i chose that option, i just got the blank report. Is there any configuration to the metrocount setup to obtain those data. thank you

    Vern Bastian
    Vern Bastian


    The MC5600 system does not measure vehicle weight directly. Any report that optionally displays vehicle weight is instead giving an “estimate” of vehicle weight based upon known weights. The weight information used in these reports comes from data you supply to the Report Profile (to see more information about entering Estimated Mass values, click here…).

    When applying vehicle mass data, be sure that the mass values you’re using for each vehicle class correspond to the same vehicles in the classification scheme you’re using with the MC5600 reports.

    The idea behind these “estimated mass” reports is that you can easily apply weights that you’ve gathered using another system (e.g. a weigh-in-motion system) and apply these statistics to the short-term survey data you gather with your MC5600’s at other locations. This method assumes that vehicle weight is reasonably consistent across the region being studied.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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