Number of passing vehicles over a crest

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    I was wanting to look into how often/how many vehicles pass each other over a crest on a narrow two way road with AADT of 207 vpd.

    It is a 50km/h road and the crest distance is ~140m.

    Is there a report i can create to analyse this?

    Thanks, Sally

    Vern Bastian
    Vern Bastian

    Hi Sally

    With MetroCount vehicle classification data gathered at a bidirectional location, it is possible to isolate groups of vehicles at the survey location that passed each other from opposite directions. These crossing vehicle groups can be displayed or reported as “Conflicting Events per Hour” (or any other time step) and then used to separately calculate the proportion of conflicts per time step (e.g. “potential conflicts per hour”, or “per day”, etc). This is a reasonably straightforward process involving modifying the standard classification algorithm to isolate the conflicting (i.e. closely spaced) bidirectional vehicles, then drop these events into a spreadsheet along with the total vehicle flow over the same period.

    We would be interested to help further, as this clearly has an implication for hazard analysis. Can you tell us more about your project? Are you able to provide the dataset, including precise location details (lat, long)? Would you like MetroCount to assist further by conducting the analysis for you?

    All the best for Christmas and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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