Time Filtering – Supporting School Zone Analysis

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    Vern Bastian
    Vern Bastian

    School Zone signWith the festive season over and 2014 well under way, many road managers turn their attention to monitoring school zones. And with children making their way back to school, it’s important that road safety analysts understand motorists’ speed behaviour around schools. MetroCount provides you with many tools to do just that.  Our Technical Library has a wealth of information to help  you get the most out of your MTE software.

    Time Filtering

    All traffic reports you produce with MetroCount Traffic Executive (MTE) software can be “filtered” to isolate different sets of vehicles, allowing you to focus only on the vehicles you want to see.

    With many roads around schools now having speed restrictions that apply at varying times throughout the day, an understanding of Time Filtering is crucial to successful school zone analysis aimed at protecting our most vulnerable road users.

    Time Mask

    One of MTE’s most powerful filtering tools is the Time Mask, which is explained in detail in the Technical Library. This intuitive tool lets you easily select time periods to globally include or exclude from your reports.

    Time mask for school zone analysis

    Time Mask: highlight rows and columns to globally include or exclude vehicles from your reports

    With the Time Mask, you can access a 15-minute resolution by simply right-clicking any hourly cell…


    Right click any hour to access 15-minute resolution

    Remember to click “Repeat on all days” to easily copy your 15-minute mask to other days.

    Contact MetroCount Today

    To learn more about customising your reports to examine your school zones, contact one of our Solution Specialists today!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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