MetroCount Bushfire Appeal

MetroCount Bushfire Appeal

Update: thanks to all who helped MetroCount raise $10,000 during this appeal. All funds have been donated to the Australian Red Cross.

As a proudly Australian owned & operated business, we’re devastated to see how much has already been lost to bushfires in our country this Summer.  

So far the loss is heart-wrenching, including:

  • 28 people
  • over a billion animals
  • 1,588 homes (and hundreds more damaged)
  • 17.9 million acres of land (that’s more than Belgium & Denmark combined).

* Stats as of 14/01/2020

We’ll donate $250 from every Australian traffic counter sale (for the first 10 per order) during Jan and Feb to help those affected by bushfires.

If you’ve been considering investing in traffic monitoring equipment, now’s your chance to make it happen while simultaneously supporting local communities in need. The portion of your purchase will be given to the Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund who will use it for:

MetroCount Bushfire Appeal

If you’d like to be involved or have any questions, give us a call or send us an email. Let’s contribute to creating a positive outcome to this devastation together.

Although we can’t do much more to remedy the horrors of what has happened, we can do our best to try to avoid similar natural disasters from occurring in the future.

MetroCount’s commitment to the environment

As a business working in the traffic and transport industry, we believe it is important to do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage others to follow suit.

MetroCount cares about the environment

We started by building MetroCount’s solar-powered, energy-efficient global headquarters in Western Australia and encourage our staff to ride and walk to work instead of driving.

We further embraced alternative energy sources by using solar panels and efficient batteries to power all our traffic data collection systems.

MetroCount cares about the environment

Since 2008 MetroCount has focused heavily on developing and deploying the world’s most reliable bike, e-scooter and pedestrian data collection systems. These are being used worldwide to measure and encourage the transport mode shift towards sustainable mobility.

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