What we learned at NATMEC 2016. Miami, FL


Last week, our American team traveled to Miami to attend and exhibit at NATMEC 2016, the most important opportunity, in North America, to grasp the latest technologies, tools, and policies from the world of traffic monitoring. This year’s event focused on six areas:

  • Transportation Policy, Management, and Communications
  • Performance Measures and Reporting
  • Bike and Pedestrian Data
  • Working with the Reporting of Traffic Data (Motorized Data)
  • Traffic Data Collection and Processing (Motorized Data)
  • Traffic Data Equipment and Technologies (Motorized Data)

Although predominantly focused on motorized traffic, NATMEC 2016 had one day dedicated to Cycling and Pedestrian monitoring, indicating the increasing interest in active transportation, and signs of increased interest in multimodal transport monitoring.

The plenary session that we enjoyed the most was Data-Driven Decision Making: Using Data to Evaluate and Improve Our System. The presenters emphasized the importance of collecting and analyzing “more data”, referring to conducting more traffic surveys, but also to gathering and interpreting a wider range or parameters. While across Northen America policies have led to the basic reporting of volume data (counts), modern traffic engineering and planning requirements have evolved faster than the policies. While some jurisdictions have fallen behind, intelligent DOT’s have mandated classification, speed, direction, headway, and their correlations. Likewise, it is imperative for data to be accurate, and if possible, collected over a longer period of time. At MetroCount we are always working to ensure our product range meets and exceeds current industry requirements.

Thank you all for visiting our booth and making NATMEC 2016 a memorable experience!


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