MetroCount’s Perspective on the We Ride Australian Cycling Economy Report by EY

Recently, the We Ride Australian Cycling Economy Report by EY was launched, shining a light on the contribution cycling has had on the Australian economy in 2020.

The report has been eagerly awaited by many, including us at MetroCount, as it paints a clear picture of how the cycling industry financially impacts the Australian economy.

Cycling is unique, in that it is a mode of transport, part of the sport and recreation industry, as well as the tourism and event industries. It impacts almost every family nationwide.

We sat down with our very own cycling advocate, Maurice Berger, to discuss the report and the findings that stood out to us the most.

Maurice noted the Australian Cycling Economy:

  • Contributed $6.3 billion in direct industry output
  • Contributed 10.5 billion in indirect output
  • Created 34,295 direct jobs (comparable to 38,918 jobs in the coal mining industry,
  • Created 28,035 indirect jobs

Other interesting points included:

  • 5.8 million adults (29% of adult population) spent money on cycling
  • 1.7 million bicycles purchased (compared to 916,968 motor vehicles purchased in the same period
  • 28% of bicycles purchased were children’s bicycles
  • Bicycle imports increased 46% between June 2019 and June 2021.

Type of Cycling Activity:

  • 82% for ride for exercise / fitness
  • 41% ride as a mode of transport (eg to get to work, to school, to shops)

Maurice has always believed that improving bike infrastructure is the highest priority to better encourage cycling:

  • 69% of Australian cycling consumers would be encouraged to ride more if there was an increased feeling of safety while riding with motor traffic
  • If bikeways in urban areas were improved, the estimated increase in expenditure would be
  • $118 million, if cyclists moved from cycling at least once per fortnight to at least once per week, and
  • $90 million, if cyclists moved from cycling at least monthly to at least once per fortnight.

The Australian Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg MP, upon launching this Report, stated: “The cycling industry is a major driver of economic activity and employment across Australia”.

Maurice mentions that “we welcome the findings of this report as it reconfirms the positive impact cycling has, not only on Australia’s health but the economy.”

If you would like to discuss the report or see how improving cycling infrastructure in your area can encourage more active transportation, please get in touch.

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