Mobility Re-Imagined at MOVE Expo

Mobility re-imagined at MOVE Expo

Khailum and Emily recently attended MOVE: Mobility Re-Imagined Expo in London. Together they brought over a decade of experience in monitoring traffic for improving road safety, simplifying pavement management and informing future infrastructure.

The expo was a great place to network, attend a plethora of presentations on the future of mobility and demo innovations that will change the way we move going forward.

With transportation ever-evolving, it’s so important to keep up to date with understanding driver/rider behaviour and visualising the impact of new mobility devices or infrastructure.

MetroCount has embraced the challenge of re-imagining mobility and providing solutions to monitor the ways we move now and into the future.

With the global popularity for e-scooters continuing, we’ve designed the world’s first all-in-one pedestrian, e-scooter and bicycle counter.

Mobility re-imagined at MOVE Expo

MetroCount’s new, four-tube counter, the RoadPod® VT4, also attracted a lot of attention at MOVE Expo.

It has changed the game for temporarily monitoring multiple lane roads and providing extremely detailed data on speed, volume, class, estimated mass, headway and more.

Being able to gather this information on larger roads and highways is imperative for identifying safety issues, predicting road maintenance, and understanding the impact of surrounding infrastructure.

It was great to have all levels of government visit the MetroCount booth including some interesting discussions with the Department for Transport and Transport for London.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! We look forward to where the future will continue to take transportation and the challenges it will bring!

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