New Zealand: One Network Road Classification

The IPWEA 2017 conference in Perth provided a great platform to discuss traffic data with engineers from across Australia, NZ and a handful of other countries. You can see all papers here. Of particular note to MetroCount users in NZ, was a paper presented by Gary McGraw from Kaipara District Council on the adoption of the One Network Road Classification.

We were fortunate to have lengthy discussions with Gary at our booth about the adoption of the ONRC in NZ and the impact on road management at a local government level.

A Common Language

The introduction of the ONRC in 2013 provided a consistent framework for defining roads nationally, making it easier to benchmark spending on road assets across the country. Having a consistent comparison of road costs nationally is critical to ensuring the community gets good value from road assets.One Network Road Classification details

Traffic Data for Road Classification

With detailed axle based traffic data, classifying roads under the ONRC is simple. The image below highlights the traffic volume data that is used to classify roads, which can easily be extracted from the MetroCount Traffic Executive software.

Most Road Controlling Authorities across NZ utilise traffic data gathered with MetroCount Counters and classify vehicles with the NZTA2011 scheme. Based on this scheme, classes 4 and 5 contain buses while classes 5 to 13 contain Heavy Commercial Vehicles. Running a Daily Classes report in the MetroCount software, provides summarised daily vehicle flows and averaged daily flows based on an entire weeks data.

The goal is to provide road users, whether they are vehicle drivers, riders on passenger transport, cyclists or pedestrians with more consistent customer levels of service across the country.

We look forward to catching up with more clients in NZ in November at Traffinz in Nelson from the 8-10 November. If you are looking for any further details, feel free to get in touch with our support team.

IPWEA 2017 Conference

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