Permanent Traffic Monitoring: The Added Value

For over 25 years, the RoadPod® VT tube counter (and its predecessor, the MC5600) has been the standard for monitoring traffic around the world. Robust and reliable, these counters are ideal for a wide range of short-term applications. From regular network surveys through to identifying critical areas that require ongoing monitoring, RoadPod VT is the well-established solution.

However, long-term data collection with tubes is only applicable in certain situations:

  • When monitoring sites with low traffic volume with little heavy vehicle traffic as pneumatic tubes wear out significantly faster in medium/high flow conditions;
  • When remote access is available to verify if the system’s sensors and battery are in order and to download data without having to physically visit the site.

Permanent Traffic Monitoring: Sensors

Recognising the need for continuous data, our product range includes a suite of permanent traffic counters. Designed with accuracy and durability in mind, these systems cater to high volume sites with a large portion of heavy vehicles. Depending on the specifics of your survey location and the desired data, MetroCount offers four different systems:

RoadPod®VT RoadPod®VP RoadPod®VL5810 RoadPod®VL5805
Statistics Volume
Gap and Headway
Gap and Headway
Gap and Headway
Binned Volumes
(5 to 60 min)
Classification Axle-based Axle-based Length-based N/A
Data Detail
Ease of installation
Sensors / Lane 2 pneumatic tubes 2 piezoelectric strips 2 inductive loops 1 inductive loop
Sensor Longevity
Sensor Image

If you’re still wondering which permanent systems you should opt for, get in touch with one of our traffic data specialists.

Permanent Traffic Monitoring: Benefits

Permanent monitoring systems with remote access provide a range of benefits to both the available traffic data stream and site maintenance.

Traffic data stream

  • Traffic patterns: only long-term data can provide a significant reference point for year-on-year changes to traffic;
  • Seasonal variation: only year-round data can identify seasonal changes (e.g. weather influences, holiday time);
  • Customised reports: FieldPod®  subscribers regularly receive their raw data along with customised reports.

Low maintenance

FieldPod® enables remote access to sites, completely eliminating the need for routine visits.

  • Effortless data collection: receive traffic data directly to your Inbox;
  • Site diagnostics: verify that your counter is in order from your desk.

Complimentary MTE Analysis Software

For detailed traffic data analysis, all FieldPod subscribers retain free access to the latest MetroCount Traffic Executive® software.

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