MC5606 | Remote Tube Classifier

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Building on the well-renowned capabilities of our MC5600, the Remote Tube Classifier bridges the physical gap between you and your road statistics. Designed to facilitate remote site monitoring and data download, the MC5606 is ideal for ongoing traffic data collection on low volume roads or for providing remote access to temporary sites.

MetroCount Vehicle Analysis

Monitoring low volume roads 24/7

The MC5606 is the ideal solution for long-term monitoring of sites with relatively low volume. From National Park entrances to tourist attraction sites, this counter is an affordable option for collecting year-round data on sealed and unsealed roads.

Optimise Site Management

When collecting data from multilane sites, a fault on one lane can require restarting the survey. By gathering equipment diagnostics remotely, the MC5606 immediately identifies errors which significantly reduces time and manpower waste.

Remotely Accessing Isolated Sites

Each visit to geographically isolated locations requires financial, human, and time resources. The MC5606 enables you to remotely connect to a site, download data, and conduct equipment checkups.


Monitoring Seasonal Travelling Patterns

Road Safety based on Class and Speed

Assessing Gap-Acceptance Capacity

MC5606 - Remote Tube Classifier (remote traffic data)

Portable, Yet Ready For The Long Haul

The new MC5606 records every axle passing over its pneumatic tubes and stores time-stamped data for post-analysis in MetroCount Traffic Executive™ software.

With a range of enclosure options, the MC5606 is adaptable to suit multiple applications, making it a unique solution to traffic counting. Use the MC5606 for temporary surveys evaluating potential placements for permanent sites on the busiest roads. Install the MC5606 on low-volume roads and collect data year-round. No need to worry about travelling long distances for
regular site check-ups. If you opt for the corrosion resistant enclosure, your site will be permanently powered by the solar panel attached to this cabinet.

MC5606 + FieldPod®

Add Remote Access to Your Counter

The MC5606 supports remote connectivity via the 3G network. Get access to traffic data and site diagnostics on demand.

System diagnostics

remote access traffic counter

Data download

Customised reports

Technical Specifications

  • Hardware
  • Sensor type: Pneumatic tubes
  • Sensor spacing: 800 – 1200mm
  • Time resolution: Better than 1ms
  • Memory: Up to 1 million axles
  • Internal battery: 4 D alkaline cells
  • Cabinet Enclosure & Main Unit
  • Enclosure options
    • Stainless steel cabinet
    • Pelican case + custom options
  • Power: Fixed solar panel 
  • Antenna: FME 3G connector
  • Accessories
  • MTE™ software: Included
  • User manual: Included
  • Traffic survey field kit &
  • other accessories: Shop here
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