RoadPod® VP

Vehicle Piezoelectric Counter & Classifier

Connected to sensitive piezoelectric strips, the RoadPod® VP provides the highest accuracy axle-based classification available. With incredible power efficiency, the system is designed for long-term recording. Power is supplied by the internal battery and the cabinet mounted solar panel.

MetroCount Vehicle Analysis

Identifying Seasonal Traffic

Three years after installing VPs, Timaru now has a permanent record of traffic information. Road engineers analyse driver behaviour, seasonal trends, and overall traffic growth while comparing traffic volumes, classes, and speeds year on year.

Yearly Patterns of Heavy Vehicle

With large volumes of freight moving from the harbour through the City of Fremantle, local transport planners are using the RoadPod® VP to understand heavy vehicle flow. Additionally, year-round data also helps to calibrate short-term survey results.

Monitoring the Mode Shift

Collecting year-round statistics on both vehicle and bicycle journeys, at pre-established key locations, enables traffic engineers to easily correlate changes in transport patterns over time. With the increased adoption of cycling, these KPIs cannot be ignored.


Binned counts for simplicity 

Speed monitoring for road safety

True direction detection and filtering 

One system. Multiple applications.

The RoadPod® VP offers the highest level of detail for a permanent vehicle monitoring system. This device has been refined over the years to provide quality data which, when combined with the MTE™ software,  provides a flexible, long-term monitoring solution.

During installation, the piezoelectric sensors require only two shallow and narrow cuts in the pavement. The flexibility and lightness of the piezoelectric strips enable them to comply with a range of road profiles, ensuring durability and reliability.

RoadPod® VP + FieldPod®

Add Remote Access to Your Counter

The RoadPod® VP supports remote connectivity via the 3G network. Get access to traffic data and site diagnostics on demand.

System Diagnostics

Data Download

Customised Reports

Technical Specifications

  • Hardware
  • Sensor type: Piezoelectric strips
  • Sensor spacing: 800 – 1200mm
  • Memory: Up to 2 million axles
  • Internal battery: 6V 18Ah
  • Power: Solar panel & mains
  • Cabinet Enclosure & Main Unit
  • Stainless steel cabinet: 400 x 300 x 1100mm
  • Colour: Grey or black
  • Running temperature: -10°C to 60°C
  • Running humidity: 0 to 95%
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