Remote Access Link

Download data & check tubes from your desk!

Avoid time-consuming site visits or having to repeat surveys due to delays in diagnosing issues! Attached to your MetroCount tube counters, the Remote Access Link case transmits sensor diagnostics and traffic data to any computer running the MTE® software.

Remote Monitoring with Tube Counters

MetroCount tube counters are used in over 120 countries. Clients have been successfully collecting tube data even on a semi-permanent basis on roads with low traffic or reduced heavy vehicles flow, or dedicated bike lanes. Until recently, users have had to physically visit the sites to download data and check sensors. Not anymore. The Remote Access Link will transform the way you manage your tube sites.

The Remote Access Link is compatible with all the latest MetroCount tube systems – RoadPod® VTRoadPod® VT4RoadPod® PhaseT and the RidePod® BT.

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