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We know traffic monitoring is a sophisticated task. We’re here to help.

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Product Brochures

A review of MetroCount solutions for counting and monitoring vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

Traffic Analysis Guides

These guidebooks are recommended to MTE users, but also to those that want to learn more about certain traffic statistics and metrics.

Getting Started with MTE®

305 KB

Get familiarised with the MTE software, from installation to producing your first traffic report.

The 85th Percentile Speed

660 KB

Defining the 85th percentile speed and discussing its effects on free-flowing traffic and congestion.

Traffic Gap Analysis

724 KB

Defining gap acceptance and the critical gap. Demonstrating how to measure traffic gaps with MetroCount data.

Speed Accuracy in MTE®

406 KB

Learn how our tube counters deal with collecting accurate speed values: Timing Resolution, Random and Systematic Errors, Calibration.

Speed Bins and Factors

453 KB

The benefits of working with speed bins; delimiting bins, bin multipliers and establishing a site’s speed rating.

MTE® Site Lists

462 KB

Learn how to use Site Lists to build a database of survey locations and simplify your field operations.

Custom List Reports

700 KB

Overview of how to create Custom List templates/reports in MTE and how to export them to Excel.

Road Safety & Enforcement

647 KB

A rundown of the most useful analyses when looking to improve road safety: speed bins, school zones, hazard ranking and monetary value.

Report Profiles in MTE®

558 KB

Grasp data filtering in MTE, from basic to advanced Profile settings. Learn how to copy, save, and load Profiles.

Time Based Plots

848 KB

Build snapshots of your traffic dataset. Customise your analysis, parameters and rendering options.

Independent Studies

Over the years, our counters have been tested by plenty of independent organisations, proving over and over their superior accuracy (±99%).

MetroCount Environmental Testing

Examining the performance of RoadPod® VT, under 12 to 24h simulation, at 60°C, -10°C, and "room temperature".

MRWA Vehicle Classification Test

Testing the vehicle classification accuracy of MetroCount's product

Accuracy of Traffic Detection Devices on Two- and Four-Lane Arterials

Evaluating the performance of commonly used traffic data collection systems within the Fargo-Moorhead urban area.

Development of a Statewide Model for Heavy Truck Freight Movement.

Using tube counter data to predict future freight traffic on selected roads; comparing the reliability of the RoadPod system with similar products.

Validating the RidePod® BP installation on Albert St, East Melbourne

Assessing whether motor traffic in the adjacent traffic lanes interferes with the piezoelectric monitoring system.

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