Revolutionising traffic data analytics & survey management with ATLYST

ATLYST traffic data

After years of research, development and testing MetroCount are excited to be launching our brand new online software, ATLYST.

This web-based data analytics and survey management tool is changing the game by offering a fresh and simplified way to visualise, analyse and share traffic data.

ATLYST traffic data

Introducing ATLYST

ATLYST allows you to:

  • Visualise data from multiple traffic monitoring sites on a map.
  • Automate data validation & report generation.
  • Quickly export data from every survey site into GIS formats.
  • Easily download spreadsheet & PDF data reports.
  • Securely archive historical traffic data files.
  • Easily share & receive traffic data from neighbouring councils & governments.
  • And much more.

Watch the videos below to understand how ATLYST works

Changing the traffic survey game around the world

ATLYST is already being used by dozens of organisations worldwide to streamline their survey management processes and simplify data analysis and sharing.

Some organisations include:

How to start an ATLYST subscription

We’ve designed ATLYST to be economically beneficial for all organisation types. Your organisation’s subscription tier is defined by how many ATLYST users are required and how many traffic survey sites your organisation manages.

If you’d like more information about ATLYST, would like a free 1-month trial or to receive a quote, please give us a call.

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