RoadPod® VM provides rapid solution in Western Australia’s Remote North

New RoadPod® VM site in the Kimberley

The MetroCount® team was given a significant task by Main Roads WA, requiring a team to travel to the Kimberley region in the north of Western Australia. Main Roads WA needed to install a traffic counting solution as a back-up in place of several RoadPod® VP (Vehicle Piezo) sites that had failed due to flooding. The extensive installation normally required to replace the Piezo-electric sensor strip sites meant that another faster deployment solution was to be investigated.

MetroCount’s® new product, the RoadPod® VM (Vehicle Magnetometer), presented a significant reduction in installation time which allowed for Main Roads WA to choose this as the solution.

RoadPod® VM site with cabinet fixed to pre-existing pole

Two of MetroCount’s® leading engineers and the CEO began the journey with a three-hour flight north of Perth, and from there, travelled to Kununurra, Halls Creek and Broome. During the week-long visit, 11 RoadPod® VM sites were installed across the Kimberley region after an initial regional Brookton Highway test site on the rough “chip seal” surface , providing a vital and quick solution to replace damaged permanent sites.

MetroCount® has delivered a result with all 11 sites being live and functional, with real-time information. The RoadPod® VM sites now provide Main Roads WA with continual and accurate data on road usage and traffic flow, improving the safety and efficiency of the road network.

The team was able to install up to 4 RoadPod® VM sites a day (also with Real Time Gateways) including extensive travelling, with a permanent site installation taking less than 30 minutes.

The project was a significant success and were honoured to have contributed to improving the road network in the Kimberley region. At MetroCount®, we take pride in our commitment to providing innovative solutions that make a difference.

You can learn more about our RoadPod® VM traffic counters and other traffic monitoring solutions by clicking here.

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