Rural Traffic Counting in Flagstaff, Canada

For the past six years, Flagstaff County in Alberta, Canada have been successfully surveying traffic at varying rural locations.

They chose to use MetroCount’s RoadPod®VT system and the resulting data has allowed Flagstaff County to determine proper signage, bridge repairs, dust suppressant locations, future needs of the roads and more.

We had a quick chat with Gary Longhe – Coordinator for Oiling and Road Recovery at Flagstaff County to learn more about their ongoing traffic research.

Rural traffic counting in Flagstaff County, Canada

Hi Gary, what triggered traffic data collection with the MetroCount systems?

Flagstaff County was investigating better ways of collecting traffic data. We needed a counter and classifier system that was portable and that provided us with very specific data reports.

During our research we came upon the MetroCount website! Here we are, 6 years later, still very happy with the products we purchased.

How large is your traffic survey network and how do you choose the survey locations?

All our traffic data collection systems are used as one unit in specific locations chosen to determine if any infrastructure upgrades are warranted.

Rural traffic counting in Flagstaff County, Canada

What is the duration of your traffic surveys?

In the past we have put our 14 MetroCount units out for a week at a time. Recently, we’ve decided to trial two-week periods to read traffic on a more seasonal basis.

You are using both MC5600 and RoadPod VT5900 units. How do they compare?

Originally, we purchased MC5600 counters and later supplemented them with a newer version, the RoadPod VT5900. The newer counters tend to hold more data and process faster too.

We also heard the battery lasts longer, however we haven’t come close to the end of any of our units’ battery lives yet, so that remains to be seen.

Rural traffic counting in Flagstaff, Canada

What traffic statistics do you analyze? How is this information used?

The traffic monitoring solutions we use collect data specifically relating to light, medium and heavy traffic classes. This helps us determine future needs of the road, install proper signage and to accurately update road ratings.

Below is an example of some of the data we extract from our counters:

Rural traffic counting in Flagstaff County, Canada
Rural traffic counting in Flagstaff County, Canada

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