Suburban traffic study: Burleson, Texas

Suburban traffic study - Burleson, TexasLocated in the Johnson and Tarrant counties of Texas, USA, the town of Burleson is spread over 67.5 km2, hosting a population of over 40,000. A suburb of Fort Worth, Burleson is continuously expanding. The city’s development is being managed according to the Master Thoroughfare Plan. Aiming to assure a sustainable growth, the MTP has three main objectives:

  • Mobility: The MTP includes a network of thoroughfares to provide citywide transportation connectivity and capacity.
  • Safety: The MTP includes street cross-sections that encourage moderate automobile speeds and provide safe accommodations for non-motorized transportation modes.

  • Opportunity: The MTP includes future transportation facilities serving planned growth areas.

To learn more about the role of MetroCount systems in developing and managing suburban traffic, we contacted Paul Mitchell, Assistant Director of Engineering Services, at the City of Burleson.

Air Hose Traffic Counter - MetroCount

What has been you experience with the MetroCount monitoring systems?

I’ve been working with MetroCount counters (note: Portable Vehicle Classifier) for 4 years. We use them for both speed studies and traffic volumes. They help us to evaluate and validate citizen reports of speeding, develop traffic volumes at key locations, and serve as backup information for project warrants and supplement the Master Thoroughfare Plan.

What are some of the common traffic or road issues that you deal with in Burleson? 

Burleson has many historically residential roads which have evolved into collectors and arterials in the last 50 years.  As a result, many citizens are concerned with speeding in their neighborhood and often report this information. We use our counters to monitor speed as often as possible and where practical. The data we collect helps us plan for traffic calming projects to help alleviate speeding in areas where it is necessary. 

How about vehicle classification?

Yes, vehicle classification is reported as well so that we can monitor where truck traffic is distributed throughout the City.

If you want to discuss your traffic counting strategy with a MetroCount specialist, contact us today.

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