Traffic Data Bolsters Case Against Dangerous Driver

Case highlights the role of accurate traffic data in crash analysis.

A recent court case in Western Australia brought the use of traffic data in crash analysis under examination. A fatal crash 14kms from where a traffic study was being conducted was recorded in detail by a MetroCount 5600 unit.

The data from the survey was used to identify the speed, headway and order of vehicles travelling on the road prior to the crash and verify witness accounts. Questions raised over the admissibility of MetroCount traffic data were quashed by the intense data quality assessment by MetroCount’s specialists.

The praise of the DPP (see letter below) highlights the invaluable role traffic data played in the case and how frequent traffic data surveys can provide a valuable insight into road conditions.

A series of videos (see below) provide a guide on how MetroCount systems work and how our specialists were able to verify the accuracy of the traffic data for the courts.

Traffic Survey in Crash Analysis

Letter from the DPP regarding the admissibility of MetroCount traffic data in a recent court case.

Traffic Monitor Crash Analysis

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