Velo-city 2017: The Cultural Home of Cycling

Combining his love of cycling with his love for Dutch culture, MetroCount CEO Mike Kenny joined Regional Manager – Daryl Ellison and Survey Manager – Robert Mulder at our Velo-city exhibition stand.

MetroCount in the Netherlands

Celebrating a rich bike history, while offering a wealth of experience in the promotion and adoption of cycling, the Netherlands have a lot to offer to international cycling advocates. As an early adopter of technologies, Dutch engineers and planners have been among the first to embrace MetroCount systems, now used widely across the country. As a result of their well-established data collection programs, local planners and engineers can readily access historical traffic data to inform new infrastructure and upgrades.

This conference is a great opportunity to showcase our latest technologies and gain valuable feedback from our user base and the industry as a whole. After receiving an Innovation Award at Traffex 2017, our recently released RidePod® BP – Bike + People Counter is on show, with counters already collecting valuable data in the region.

RidePod BP site in Alkmaar, NL (Copyright: X Stream Traffic Consultancy)

Practical Bike Statistics

Monitoring bikes with MetroCount, both short-term and long-term, provides detailed information on every bike, which can be aggregated into useful statistics. This data can filtered by time, direction, speed, or length, providing insights into the use of shared or dedicated paths/lanes.

Along with Denmark, the Netherlands is one of the few places in the world that have the somewhat enviable problem of bike congestion. While it might not result in 12-day queues like a Chinese public holiday, improving the experience of cyclists is a priority. Data on bike flows captured with MetroCount equipment allows planners to identify issues and implement remedies like prioritising bikes at intersections, installing live route signage, or upgrading infrastructure.

Get in touch for more information about our solutions for sustainable transport monitoring.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Great moves to promote sustainable transport. If only half of all drivers switched to cycling, there will be so much less traffic and less pollution!

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